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Posted 2020/06/24 3:51 PM by Little Left

I'm new and find the game challenging and enjoyable, so far im here on day 3 finding the blogs has been the most helping, so thanks to those who wrote them.

Posted 2020/06/24 7:30 PM by Trailer Park Talent Show

Welcome. Some other tips you might helpful if you haven't already found them.

1.) You will be able to see lower level (0-4 I think) fighters' plans in sparring or in their fighter description. These will help give you a feel for how your fighter reacts to certain fight styles and also how certain fight styles perform. It's also a good starting point for writing your own plans.

2.) There are also a nice set of Alcatraz fight plans here: boxinggame(.)com/blogread.aspx?commentary_id=1997#Alcatraz%20Gym%20Fight%20Plans

The () is so the filter doesn't get me. These will also be a good baseline for scouting fighters and writing plans.

3.) ZWIP is a nice resource. Though, I'm sure he won't share all his secrets.

4.) It's tempting to load up your gym with a lot of fighters, but it can quickly be a lot to manage if you're scouting thoroughly each fight. To each his own.

I'm sure there's more. Glad you're here.

Posted 2020/06/24 7:31 PM by Trailer Park Talent Show

For #1, I should clarify these are for BOT Gym and Alcatraz Gym fighters.

Posted 2020/06/24 8:10 PM by ZWIP

TPTC is correct except the plans you can see when sparring
bots only go to 3 rated. Glad you are here. The game has been
around for 24 odd years and has never gone away. We have a
good mix of new and old managers playing. Any questions don't
hesitate to ask..we are all helpful around here! Good Luck!

Posted 2020/06/24 9:57 PM by Little Left

Very nice.

I actually copied and saved a clinch FP that was attached to a robot and have spun it into multiple versions. I find the accumulation of commands interesting.