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Posted 2021/08/25 12:53 AM by Blunt Force Trauma Gang

When BOTs win fights against us, do they automatically add up their action points into str, spd, agl, tgh?

Posted 2021/08/25 5:14 PM by ZWIP

Bots stay the same all the time except if they roll over
300 IP's and they lose an AP somewhere. So if a bot
is 20/23...he still has AP's of a 23 rated guy. If a bot
if 24/24 with a record of 3-0 he will still have AP's of
a 21 rated fighter. They kinda balance themselves out.
If a bot has no record and is 17/17 he has AP's of a 17
rated fighter or whatever fighter he was made from. He could
have very high Ap's for his rating or lower...Sometimes you can
tell which fighter he was made from if he has had no fights and look
under competition and find his twin.