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Posted 2020/09/26 1:37 AM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Hi guys, back in the day I trained under the name "Panama Lewis". This game was everything to me in my mid-teens, and actually has led to me following my heart and managing boxers in the real world. I never guided a boxer to a world title here, but have managed 9 world champs in the real world hahahahahaha Ironic, isn't it?

Anyways, wanted to say "Hello" to everybody. Any old time friends, love to connect once again.

Wish I could login to the old gym. Been so long I can't access the old email for the login, forgot the password, etc etc. Managed to find the gym account searching through old results and seen that at some juncture there was a fighter clear out from inactive gyms perhaps?

Anyways, hope everyone is lovely.

Panama - AKA Mike :)

Posted 2020/09/26 1:40 AM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Also, this current tag... Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson -- can't find him here but that's the first fighter I ever created.

Posted 2020/09/26 8:23 AM by ZWIP

Welcome Back..I do remember you from the "Good Ole Days",LOL.
I will look for your fighter for you and throw him in your gym.
Yes the game is still alot of fun for a 20 year old game and just as
Addictive,,LOL..It has changed a bit but any questions would be
Keep Punching

Posted 2020/09/26 8:34 AM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Thanks a million! Yeah, I remember the days of BT Dinosaur as heavyweight champ. Ity's great to see the legacy with title history dates to the resumption post-crash in 1998/98 from memory.

Thank you! I've found about 20 of the old fighters in the gym, so many fabulous memories. How time flies by!

Posted 2020/09/26 1:06 PM by ZWIP

If I could somehow find a link to your old gym I could
transfer all the fighters there into your new gym. If
you ever fought for WT I could look up the fighter
in history and WC and find your gym then,,or if you
are in any of the stats on the stat page.

Posted 2020/09/26 6:39 PM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Thanks! I've found a lot of the fighter profiles individually through detailed searching and clicking into records. I can send them along next few days :)

Posted 2020/09/26 6:41 PM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

The fighters are there, trainer name is listed, but they're not under the trainer now. Here's a sample of a fighter and also trainer profile:

Fighter - https://www.boxinggame.com/fighter/scoutfighter.aspx?fighter_id=13304

Trainer - https://www.boxinggame.com/gym/hisgym.aspx?manager_id=2451059

Posted 2020/09/26 9:22 PM by ZWIP

OK, I could not look at the fighters in the gym but
I transferred everything from Panama Lewis to your
new gym. If you happen to see a fighter that was yours
in the past I can send him your way as well. Good Luck.
Fighters from way back then though were under a different
AP system and will be lower than the fighters of today if you
plan on using them,,it is cool to have them for old times sake though.

Posted 2020/09/26 9:30 PM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Exactly! More for the memories. I wouldn't tarnish any of their records by throwing them in with these young bucks hahaha... thank you so much. Couple days of nostalgia ahead :) I'll keep creating a list if there's anyone that is missing.

Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson, Buster Jones, and Breaker Jones aren't there, but they were all pre-crash, so possible that they were lost somewhere along the lines.

Posted 2020/09/30 12:36 PM by Jumbo "Flash" Stevenson

Hi Frank, is it possible to shift the old fighters from the Dumped section to the retired within the gym?

Also, a few others if you may look up :-)

Buster Jones
Breaker Jones
"The Big Man" George Fazzari
Hands of Foam

Not sure if they exist anymore as they were among the earliest creations.

Thanks a billion. Let me know if there's a paypal etc I can contribute to for the game beyond my gym membership fee once it becomes active :)

Posted 2020/10/01 6:11 PM by ZWIP

Hey Man,
I cannot look at your Dumped fighters but if you give
me the fighter ID's (look in sight box and at the end there
will be a ID=xxxxxxxx) when you scout a fighter. I will try and
locate your other guys..the new platform doesn't have a search
fighter..so i have to get creative. As far as contributing just bring
lots of guys out and have fun fighting for regional titles and bringing
your level up and fighting for WTs...I see you have some new guys
that you made and have been pretty successful.. Can't wait till you bring
them out to play,,LOL..Always fun with more competition..We will be having
a tourney soon so I wil lsend you a link to make a tourney fighter.
Keep Punching

Posted 2020/10/10 9:29 PM by ZWIP

Hey Jumbo, put one of your 21 LH's on auto, you
will get a title shot!

Posted 2020/10/12 10:40 AM by ZWIP

Actually was hoping you would see it before last night..The champ in LH
will be a 22. If you put a 22 out there for next week he should get a title