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List of -ALL- available fight plan commands

Posted 2020/07/31 8:31 PM by Little Left

Is this around?

Also in making my fight plan is it best to have longer conditionals and less static??
like longer from left to right than from top to bottom...
I hope i make sense lol.

Posted 2020/08/01 7:37 AM by ZWIP

The resolver will read from bottom to top, so if you
have several conditionals on one round it will find
the first one from the bottom that applies. The only
time I will put more than one command or conditional
on a line in towards the end of a slugger fight when both
being ahead and my opponent being damaged plays a part.
Example: if score>=2 and hiscuts>mycuts+4 then X/X/X.

It is ok to put several line under a round but several commands
or conditionals per line is tough because alot of things would have to happen for the command to work.

If you look a the Alcatraz Plans, they are pretty decent and cover
most bases..You can change aggression or power for your opponent
or resting rounds(if any)..or put endurance conditionals in as well.
Or cut conditionals etc.

Sometimes simple is better but it is nice to have some conditionals
in at certain times just in case a fight doesn't go as expected.

I have used 100 line FP's and have used 5 line FP's or a couple
lines if I am fighting a bot and I know what he is going to do..LOL

Posted 2020/08/03 2:12 AM by Little Left

Ok thank you ZWIP.

Posted 2020/11/29 1:47 AM by Bold Bill

I always thought of it as it goes off the last true line/argument from the top down. But that’s just me.

Posted 2020/12/03 6:15 AM by Bold Bill

I think I’m right. I saw a BOT FP that had a ton of stuff in it. It executed last TRUE line in the FP.

Posted 2020/12/03 7:11 PM by ZWIP

Wow, I guess I have been making FP's wrong for 20 plus years. LOL
I need to try that out myself, I couldn't have sworn it was the first
applicable command from the bottom of the round or round in question.

I could be wrong. I know you and I used to talk about strategy and
such many many years ago, surprised it never came up,,LOL