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Posted 2020/07/23 11:30 PM by Meadows Inc. 2021

Dunno how hard or time consuming it would be and its probably been mentioned before, but would be nice to see the stats pages updated.

Posted 2020/07/25 10:41 AM by J.Aaron Hall

I agree...it has been out of date for a long time. Some things I would like to see:
1)Active P4P actually being active. Manual fighters who have not fought literally in years should not be considered. Maybe a 30-day window like the auto-strip for belts? If you don't fight in 30 days you drop off the active P4P list.

2) Top by wins should be filtered to 51% win rate. Right now the top fighter and most of the list are 288-300-0 managed by abandoned gyms. Kinda makes the whole stat pointless when its just a list of tomato cans IMO

Posted 2020/07/25 12:13 PM by ZWIP

I agree, Aaron and I had a conversation about that
again a few months ago. The reason before was that it took
to much space and power from the game. He told me that
we have unlimited power now..Hopefully we can get stats
updated..at least once a week maybe. BTW the 30 day strip
does work now.

Posted 2020/07/25 3:00 PM by J.Aaron Hall

I was talking about like Gutboy Barrelhouse being listed as the 5th highest active P4P. He hasn't fought since 2014 which means he isn't active. There needs to be some conditional that removes fighters who are not actually actively competing from showing in the active P4P list.

Posted 2020/07/29 9:02 PM by Game Admin

Active P4P wasn't out of date. It's a live calculation not generated. Problem was there was a typo in the filter. I just fixed it. Now in order to make the cut the fighter has to have fought within the last 30 days.

That work for everyone?

Posted 2020/07/29 9:14 PM by ZWIP

Fighter Stats, Fighter Rankings, Manager Rankings. Under all
these catagories the stats, some are updated and some aren't, I think this
is what the guys are talking about mostly.

Posted 2020/07/29 9:17 PM by Game Admin

kk. Will investigate the rest.

1 down.

And yes we have unlimited capacity now.

I just don't have unlimited time ;) COVID basically tripled my business overnight.