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Press Release

Posted 2020/07/20 8:23 AM by ZWIP

Looks like we have a good old fashion PR war going on between
3 managers. Feel free to throw your 2 cents in or do some heckling
of your own! A challenge was also issued as well between JAH and 53rd.
This should be good!! Hell, throw some fighters in LF and mix it up
with the boys..LOL

Posted 2020/07/20 12:35 PM by Trailer Park Talent Show

Minor correction: 53rd and I are duking it out in LF. Not JAH and 53rd.

JAH has a similarly named fighter (COVID BOT) as I'm sure we've all figured out by now with his lovely PR.

Posted 2020/07/20 1:18 PM by ZWIP

My Apologies, Keep it up Boys,,The PR's are great.
When I see them I have to publish them to the News page.
Looks like fun..I was going to actually make a tourney
kinda like you guys are doing!