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Bot Champs

Posted 2020/07/19 9:05 AM by ZWIP

I was looking through the rankings and was asked by a few managers to do
this and I think it is a great idea. If there is a bot WT holder but there are
2 real managers below them with the next upper rated fights I will strip
the bot and let the 2 real managers fight for the WT. Make for more fun.
The tag will take place after fights get scheduled 10pm Central time.
Good Luck and look at rankings because WT fights will become lower rated.
Example, now I will strip the Super Bant. Bot champ so after tonight's
scheduler, the 11 rated fight between Trailer and Weaver will become tagged as
the WT fight.

Posted 2020/07/20 7:19 AM by ZWIP

Don't know what went wrong with the SB fight. The
other 3 that got stripped all got tagged as WT. fights
Fight it out and I will tag the winner as WC!

Posted 2020/07/21 10:27 PM by Trailer Park Talent Show

That was a welcome surprise WT! Weaver always giving me a run for my money

Did notice WT fight record didn't update but oh well the belt is sufficient lol

Posted 2020/07/29 8:48 PM by Game Admin

Give me a fight_id for that fight and I'll tag it.

Posted 2020/07/29 8:54 PM by ZWIP

I tagged the winner as WC:)

Posted 2020/07/29 9:04 PM by Game Admin

Right but I can tag the fight itself even though it has already happened.

Posted 2020/07/29 9:10 PM by ZWIP