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Is a 17 year-old fightplan still effective?

Posted 2020/05/02 10:11 PM by Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo

Haha... How the hell are you people. Hope you've been well monsieur guimond

Posted 2020/05/03 7:25 AM by ZWIP

Good to see ya ole buddy...Yes a 17 year old fight plan is still
good..LOL...Alot of the guys including myself are from that
era that still play. The only problem is that the fighters made back
are low on AP's from todays guys. The new AP system was put in
probably 10 years ago give a few more through out a career..It is easy
to fight bots and move a guy up rather quickly now a days. Several
changes to the game though..any questions don't be afraid to ask.
BTW..Aaron is still hanging in there in the great white north..LOL

Posted 2020/05/05 7:29 PM by Meadows Inc. 2021

blast from the past!

Posted 2020/10/29 8:25 AM by Bold Bill

Depends... yours yep. Frank Whites, not then, not now ;)

Posted 2020/10/29 8:43 AM by J.Aaron Hall

HAHAHA....good to see you Bill!