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Auto membership updating

Posted 2020/03/02 7:44 PM by Game Admin

Does not appear to be working. I think ZWIP may have updated some manually. On the off chance that anyone got missed I just added a month to everyone's membership where I found a transaction. I'd rather give away free time than gyp someone out of what they are owed.

Posted 2020/03/30 5:54 AM by Game Admin

This has been addressed. Global memberships are now checked and updated every 15 minutes.

Posted 2020/06/27 2:30 AM by Little Left

when do i have to pay?
i want to always have full abilities.

this game is brilliant i'm an android/pc developer and its rare i find a game that keeps me from just opening a linux terminal and chommping code. guess ill keep the doors open here in my boxing studio.

Posted 2020/06/27 7:14 AM by ZWIP

Left, I am glad you have decided to stay,,yes the game is
brilliant and will continue to get better. Looks like you
got a free month. You expire on 7/22. When it is time
to re-up just go the subscribe button on your page and it
will take you to pay pal where you can throw your 5 bucks
in. If the subscribe button is faded out you are already
good to go.
Good Luck

Posted 2020/06/28 5:23 PM by Little Left

Thank you frank.