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Changes to fighter reactivation (unretire or comeb

Posted 2020/01/11 5:57 PM by Game Admin

Effective February 20th all retired fighters will lose 50 training points when reactivating. This is done to simulate ring rust and prevent managers from using fighter retirement to duck fights. You CAN go into the negative with training points.

My advice is, if you have retired fighters right now that you are planning to reactivate in the near future, reactivate them before these changes take effect.

Posted 2020/01/11 9:11 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Adding a strategic aspect to fight dodging...one way a manager can dodge a fight is by going inactive...think that may become an issue?

Posted 2020/01/11 10:25 PM by Game Admin

Hmmm....good catch.

We could make it so that all your fights are cancelled and all titles vacated when you deactivate. Harsh but at least you can reactivate your gym without taking a training point hit.

Guys that don't hold any titles aren't likely to put that much effort into things.