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Whats the best record in here?

Posted 2020/01/11 1:29 AM by alecks

Like 50-2?

Posted 2020/01/14 9:46 AM by J.Aaron Hall

It’s not really a tracked stat but Akebono Chiyonofuji is 57-7 not sure if any other fighters have better

Posted 2020/01/14 3:36 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Claw my way up by ZWIP is like 43-5 with a 29-2 world title record...that's pretty sweet

Posted 2020/01/14 7:10 PM by ZWIP

There is a long list of great fighters and great managers
now and from the past. The highest p4p fighter of alltime
is The Danvers Devil...48-4-1 (46/3) and 29-4-1 (25/0) in WT
fights. Alot of the stats haven't been updated in years but
p4p is. look under the stat page under active and alltimes p4p
to see some great fighters.

Posted 2020/01/14 7:49 PM by Game Admin

I will take that as a not-so-subtle reminder.

Posted 2020/01/14 8:44 PM by ZWIP

Sorry Boss, it has been brought up before but at
one time you told DB and myself that it took too
much to run and slowed the game down.

Posted 2020/01/16 8:27 AM by Game Admin

Don't apologize.

We have unlimited horsepower now. You just need to out requests in the queue. The holdup is my time haha. I'll PM you on FB.