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Posted 2020/01/05 7:18 PM by ZWIP

Talked to a managers about a subject and then I talked to a few more
about it. Say a champion is rated 20...forever if you are the highest
rated 19/20 or 21 on auto you would get the fight with the champ
next. Since the time of the Bots it is easier managers will try to get a
21 rated guy to fight the 20 rated champ to try and get an AP advantage.
It is human nature to try and have an advantage,,everyone has done it.
I think it has driven some managers away because they work their way up
and win a title and another manager just bots a guy up one rated above
and takes the title easily. I propose that Contenders can only get a title
shot RT or WT being one down or even rated to the champ. I think that
would be much more competitive and fair. Remember the Champ in real
life usually never has the disadvantage , he is usually a little better or even.
Would Love to see if we can make this possible...just need more feedback
and see if it is something Aaron can pull off.

Posted 2020/01/05 8:02 PM by Game Admin

This is a 1 line change to the scheduler.

Posted 2020/01/06 10:39 AM by Meadows Inc. 2021

this is a great idea....would like to see it

Posted 2020/01/06 1:13 PM by The Jimster

Agreed, the thought did cross my mind to go one more fight before the scheduler for the heavyweight match. I decided even ratings having a younger fighter was advantage enough.

Posted 2020/01/06 2:44 PM by Game Admin

Done. Champ fights equaled rated or one less only from now on.

Posted 2020/01/06 5:04 PM by ZWIP

Thanks, Boss!!

Posted 2020/01/06 9:06 PM by Blood Bath Inc.