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2019 Christmas tournament

Posted 2019/12/11 4:17 PM by Game Admin

The 2019 Christmas tournament info has been posted. Check the tournaments page for details.

Posted 2019/12/12 7:07 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

99APs in the Cruiser division?? Count me in. Thanks Aaron.

Posted 2019/12/12 7:51 PM by ZWIP

I sent out a bunch of invites to get manager's attention.

Posted 2019/12/12 9:15 PM by Game Admin

2 things. It's an open tournament. Anyone can enter and also it's double elimination so you need to lose twice to be out. I'll fix that as it's not displaying properly.

Posted 2019/12/16 1:57 AM by Sydney Sharks

I am interested

Posted 2019/12/18 8:33 PM by Game Admin

Invites have been extended get those fighters in!!

Posted 2019/12/19 7:38 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Ok my guy is in, good luck everybody!

Posted 2019/12/19 8:14 PM by 53rd Street Gym

What is the dead line to create a fighter?

Posted 2019/12/19 9:42 PM by Game Admin

Fighter should be created by Christmas Day. After that the tournament will proceed very quickly.

Posted 2019/12/21 9:32 AM by Salvageyard

Cool! But a bit lost... How do I create the tourney fighter?

Posted 2019/12/21 10:14 AM by Salvageyard

Sorry, got it...

Posted 2019/12/25 7:48 PM by DTG

Can i still create a fighter for this? I can't see a link to do so.

Posted 2019/12/25 7:53 PM by ZWIP

Look at the bottom of your gym under Tourney fighters.
Look at Christmas Tourney and to the right it will say "invited"
click that and create the fighters.

Posted 2019/12/25 7:56 PM by DTG

Thanks, I was certain i did that but obviously not. I'll make sure i don't miss the FP deadline for this one.

Posted 2019/12/27 8:29 AM by Game Admin

The 2019 Christmas Tournament has started. Please monitor the game for updates.

Posted 2019/12/27 9:39 AM by 53rd Street Gym

When will the first round fights take place?

Posted 2019/12/27 9:43 AM by Game Admin

Probably Sunday night. Definitely no earlier.

Posted 2019/12/29 11:17 PM by Game Admin

First round of the Christmas tournament has run. Remember, you have to lose twice to be eliminated so everyone moves on to the next round which runs in 48 hrs.

Posted 2019/12/30 10:28 AM by The Jimster

do draws count as a loss?

Posted 2019/12/30 1:01 PM by Game Admin


Posted 2019/12/31 9:43 PM by Game Admin

I have to head out around 10 PM EST and will be back around 1 AM. I'll run the tournament fights when I get back.

Posted 2020/01/02 2:18 PM by ZWIP

Damn ..that's what I get for doing a FP in not so good shape...put if score <=1 then 5h/11/4 allout instead of if score <=-1 then 5h/11/4 allout....ahead by 3 rounds going into the 12th accordingly to the comnentator...all the other judges had me up 1 which kicked in my useless premature allout...lol!!!!
Oh well. Let others shine..

Posted 2020/01/02 9:05 PM by Game Admin

You're still in it! You need 2 losses to be out.

Round 3 of the Christmas tournament has been scheduled and will be resolved tomorrow.

Posted 2020/01/02 11:28 PM by Luchini

He's only in it for.....21 more houuuurs!! Keep that fight plan in buddy! Hahahaha

Posted 2020/01/03 1:48 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

2 draws in a row...so that's like a win, right?

Posted 2020/01/03 6:02 PM by 53rd Street Gym

How soon you forget about the KO that I dealt you. Did I hit you that hard?

Posted 2020/01/04 11:05 AM by Game Admin

Round 4 of the Christmas tournament has been scheduled and will be resolved tomorrow.

Posted 2020/01/07 11:29 AM by The Jimster

well it was a good run, but ZWIP figured out my flaw.

Posted 2020/01/09 5:28 PM by 53rd Street Gym

Now that I have disposed of the rest of the competition I am coming for you ZWIP.

Posted 2020/01/09 5:29 PM by ZWIP

Come get me 53..I will be waiting! Should be
a good one. GL

Posted 2020/01/09 5:40 PM by 53rd Street Gym

You are going to wish I never got invited to this tournament. I am a dancer's worst nightmare. A slugger that can move and keep up with a dancer like you.

Posted 2020/01/09 7:00 PM by ZWIP

My only loss was a fluke, you haven't fought any
fighter like mine in the tourney, my guy is both
a slugger and dancer killer so good luck finding
a way to beat me.

Posted 2020/01/09 7:17 PM by 53rd Street Gym

Are you looking at the same fight reports I am? I only see one KO of a slow as molasses slugger and none against any dancers. You haven't fought anybody like me yet either. Challenge accepted!

Posted 2020/01/10 5:38 PM by 53rd Street Gym

Damn this crow is delicious!

Posted 2020/01/10 6:59 PM by ZWIP

LOL, Nice fight ole buddy. I actually spent a while sparring
our fight, I was quite worried. I had a pretty good plan put in.
At least it was an All Midwest Championship Fight!