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Congrats to Sydney Sharks and Cheez

Posted 2019/10/16 8:38 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Just like to say congratulations to both of the finalists, Sharks and Cheez. Great fight Sharks, you have a monster of a fighter who is well suited for the tournament. Cheez, good luck old timer. Well done tournament.

Posted 2019/10/16 9:53 PM by Sydney Sharks


Well exceeded my expectations!

Posted 2019/10/18 7:04 PM by ZWIP

Congrats Guys, Well deserved!!
Should be a GREAT final!!

Posted 2019/10/19 9:48 PM by Sydney Sharks

Well done Cheez.

Your wee lad did good.

Posted 2019/10/20 7:27 AM by Salvageyard

Congrats Cheez! Great final.

Posted 2019/10/20 7:46 AM by ZWIP

Congrats to the Old Timer Cheez.!!
Thank you to all of the managers
that made the CIT lot's of fun this year!

Posted 2019/10/23 7:06 PM by Cheez the DKE

Thank you ZWIP for the invitation and thank you to Admin for continuing to not only maintain but continue to innovate this game. Sydney just didn't have a good style match up and I benefited from some good fortune. Look forward to the next tournament and in the mean time creating some new fighters.

Posted 2019/10/23 7:48 PM by The Jimster

Great job to both getting to the final and congrats Cheez on the finish.