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Default fight plan for tournament fighters

Posted 2019/10/06 9:17 PM by Game Admin

Some tournament fighters don't have a fight plan. They will automatically be given a default one by the game.

Posted 2019/10/06 9:19 PM by ZWIP

I just sent a message to all the managers in the tourney
about the upcoming Fights.....Default plan..4/8/8?..LOL

Posted 2019/10/07 6:16 AM by Sydney Sharks

When I try the spar option the fighter heights are wrong.

Is it just me?

Posted 2019/10/07 6:38 AM by ZWIP

When I brought it up both my opponent and myself are
correct height and weight..If not it looks like you can adjust
your opponents stats.

Posted 2019/10/07 3:09 PM by Sydney Sharks

In the fight report?

Posted 2019/10/11 2:14 AM by Sydney Sharks

So here is what I mean

Public fight Report
In this corner, standing 1 feet and 11 inches (58 centimeters) tall weighing in at 332 pounds (151 kilograms) is Sydney Sharks!!

In this corner, standing 0 feet and 7 inches (18 centimeters) tall weighing in at 251 pounds (114 kilograms) is Luchini !!

The referee for this bout will be Dalby Shirley.

Clearly both fighters are bigger than 2 feet!

Posted 2019/10/11 12:53 PM by Game Admin

This thread has been hijacked.

Please stop.