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Wow... still here?

Posted 2019/01/29 3:47 AM by White Knuckle Gaming

God damn this thing is still around and kickin? I haven't played this thing in close to 20 years.. I was young and not very good back them but it was always fun to log in once a week and see if i got my butt kicked! lol

Is there somewhere i can go to check out how to build a fight plan? I really do not remember anything about these.. Furthermore, i was skimming some posts, is there an MMA version of this now? if so.. where can i check that out? Thanks.. and good to see this thing around still.

Posted 2019/01/29 9:30 PM by Dodgeball

if you want to see some sample plans then go to the rankings and look for bots below rating 3 and select the "practice against" option. This will show you the exact plan the bot will use. The plans are cloned from real managers good or bad so it's pretty good way to browse around and see how others structure their plans. There is also the different styles listed in the rules if you are looking for something specific. What was your gym name when you played before?

Posted 2019/01/29 9:32 PM by Dodgeball