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This thing still on?

Posted 2018/03/24 8:47 PM by @topcat

Can't believe after all these years that this game is still going.Im not sure who would remember me but my name is Bob manager of the gym Topcat.I wasn't able to get into my gym due to it having an email account that doesn't exist and therefore can't receive an email with password :( if I'm correct it was Bob@neurogames.com just can't remember the password i sure would like to obtain my gym and perhaps join in the rutcus and see if i can compete still.How much does it cost to make fighters now ?I can get back in here later I'll take a few more cracks at my old password if I get in Ill let everyone know.Really happy to see this thing on though I just might have to unretire but I'm not sure you guys are ready for that kind of pain :-)

Posted 2018/03/25 8:01 AM by ZWIP

Hey Topcat, I remember you from way back in the day.
There are still several older managers that still
play from back in the day. It is free to make
fighters unless you want to make him start at a
higher level. 0-10 rated (With average ap's). It
would then cost you some credits. You can get 5000
credits for 5 bucks and it will last you a while.

When you make a fighter you can fight a bot (fight takes
place in 10-12 min after you force it) up to a 4 rating
with no cost and you can see your opponents FP till
that 4 rating. Helps newbies get going..lol. After that
it is a slight cost,,higher the rating the bigger cost.

You can just put your guy on weekly and he will get scheduled
for a weekly fight just like the old days. When a fight is
scheduled you can spar the bout and try different FP's..Your
opponents actual AP's will take affect even though you can't
see them.

If you give me a name of an old fighter you had in your gym I can
look him up and your old gym and transfer those guys to your
new gym. The AP system is a bit different now so your older guys
may be a bit low.

I am commish so any questions let me know. Great to have you
back. Unlike the old days you can keep occupied all the time
now fighting bots, making fighters etc instead the waiting for fights to
run. Fights run at 9pm CT and fights get scheduled at 10pm CT.
Fights classes that ran from 2 nights ago will get scheduled.

Posted 2018/03/25 8:14 PM by @topcat

Hello Zwip thank you for the update.
I can't remember my fighter names and i gave up guessing my old password its been too long i just cant remember.Maybe if i spend some time here something might jog the old memory bank but I just don't know about playing, it would have felt better and more meaningful had i been able to pick up where i left off.

Posted 2018/03/25 8:19 PM by @topcat

If I remember something I'll let you know

Posted 2018/03/25 9:07 PM by ZWIP

I understand..we don't have a "search manager"
link here,,just "search fighter"..I just need
one fighter from your past and I can find your
whole older gym. If not just make a few guys and
either fight a few bots or just throw him on weekly.
The game is still just as addictive as it always was..lol.

Good Luck.

Posted 2018/03/25 11:20 PM by @topcat

I had a fighter named The Headless Horseman

is there no way to rescue my gym?

Posted 2018/03/25 11:23 PM by @topcat

I haven't logged in near 20 years.

Posted 2018/03/25 11:35 PM by @topcat

I found my gym it seems as though none of my records are intact but there are some fighters still.If it is easier to send me my fighters I'll just start here.I do have one request can you edit the name of my old gym to Topcat Retired so I could use my name here on the new gym?

Posted 2018/03/26 8:24 AM by ZWIP

OK, found your old gym. Yes you are correct
bob@neurogames.com was the email you had.
I have no access to your old password (above
my paygrade,,lol). I did Change the name to
Topcat retired and transfered all your fighters
to your new gym. Hope this helps...Good Luck,
Keep Punching:)

Posted 2018/03/26 12:51 PM by @topcat

Zwip I'm getting back into my old gym so would you send my fighters back over for me.

Posted 2018/03/26 2:56 PM by @topcat

Just waiting for the email to arrive.I talked to Aaron earlier this morning.

Posted 2018/03/26 7:18 PM by ZWIP

Your old gym isn't available to transfer your
guys until you log into it once..it has been
dormant to long..lol

Posted 2018/03/27 7:42 PM by The Topcat..

Just waiting.

Posted 2018/03/30 5:47 PM by Game Admin

This wasn't TopCat, it was that Rob Steltz guy again. Slow night in the trailer park again.

Posted 2018/03/31 12:55 PM by Salvageyard

I can't help but laugh...

Posted 2018/04/02 2:45 AM by Blood Bath Inc.

He had Frank believing him lol

Posted 2018/04/02 7:45 AM by ZWIP

LOL,,not at all...I chatted with him
a few times on my phone,,,after I got home
I checked his IP addresses and they matched
with his older accounts. I was the one who
alerted Aaron both times....I have seen
just about everything in this game so I
give people the benefit then I check everything
out. Especially Rob. Have given him Multiple
chances and instead of just playing and
following the rules and having fun he has
to try and find a way to cheat EVERYTIME.

Posted 2018/04/04 7:06 PM by J.Aaron Hall

I can confirm Frank and I were on messenger when he was trying to impersonate TopCat and he was believed up to the point Frank had a chance to check the IP address...but funny how one former cheater would know another former cheater was talking to Frank...guess birds of a feather really do flock together...

Posted 2018/04/05 11:24 AM by Salvageyard

...unless it's all been the same cheater...lol...

Posted 2019/09/07 2:41 AM by Bold Bill

Are you guys talking about Frank White? That dude is trying to steal old peoples gyms? Eesh. He was always a turd.

Posted 2019/09/07 8:08 AM by ZWIP

Bill, They are talking about a person named Rob Steltz.
He has played the game for many years and found a way
to "backdoor" peoples gym. He was a commish for a short
time so he had access to some things until we had proof he
was taking fighters from managers gyms (his opponents) and
finding out their stats and FP's then putting them back into
their respective gyms..so cheating. Even after he was stripped
of his powers he would keep making gyms and had his "backdoor"
method of cheating still. We gave him Multiple chances to just play
without cheating,,,he was a decent manager. But we kept catching him
cheating..He got mad the last time and took about 2000 fighters from
alot of gyms and put them in my gym because he was mad I kept
catching him..Aaron and I both. He screwed up alot of things in the
game to the fact that Aaron was actually looking for him in real life
to press charges against him. We think the backdoor has been fixed
for over a year now but I am very suspicious of old gyms and new gyms
at times when they come around..LOL...He did ton's more things to the game
but not enough time to go into it...LOL...We just want fair competition
and us old guys and newbie to be able to enjoy the game and have fun.