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New Gym

Posted 2016/10/22 10:20 AM by Guile

Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Scott and I started a new gym called Blue Rock. I used to play Webl and it was a lot of fun so I decided to give this a try. I've only forced fights with bots so far and wanted to know how the scheduler works. Right now I have some of my fighters on auto(daily) but didn't get fights for them last night. Do they only get scheduled once a week? Do you get fights scheduled against bots? Are there weeks that I won't get scheduled because there are no fighters my rating available to fight?

Thanks for the help! Looking forward to meeting everyone here!

Posted 2016/10/22 10:33 AM by Salvageyard

Hi Scott, welcome to the game! I'm having a bit of a scheduling problem myself... the game is in transition so I think there maybe some updates coming soon.

Posted 2016/10/22 11:32 AM by Dr. Death

Welcome Blue Rock, ZWIP is the commish so he is the one with the answers :)

Posted 2016/10/22 4:10 PM by Dodgeball

Hi Scott and Dr Death, welcome to the game . There are some changes going on to improve the game so some of these things change but as new member your best option is to create your fighters and set them on Auto (normal). New members fight bots for the first 30 days. There are a few ways to fight bots. The best way to do it is to go to your fighters page and use the competition link. Look for any bots listed there. You can scout them and spar against them so when you find one you like you can force the bot at no charge. The fight will generally run in a few hours. Another way to fight bots is to let the scheduler schedule it for you but the previous method is better for your first 30 days.

Another way to get a fight is use the challenge feature with someone you see online. So use chat to find someone online that wants to fight.

Most guys create a few fighters in each division and that way they have fights scheduled out a week at a time.

Good luck and if you have any questions just use the forums and they will get a response

Posted 2016/10/22 5:53 PM by ZWIP

DB and myself are both commish so any questions
or PM's to either are great. The big Kahuna is still
changing things around so alot of times we are in
the dark as well..lol. Things are changing for the
better though. Fights run around 9pm Central time
Mon-Sat. and Fights are now being scheduled about
an hour later. I can't remember each WC and when it runs
but they start with Straw on MON and run about 4 classes
moving up and end up Sat with CW, HW, TGH and SH. Classes
then get scheduled from 2 days b4. In other words Straw runs
Monday and gets scheduled on Wed. If there is no real manager
to fight a bot will be randomly made and scheduled 2 days b4 fights run.
So if you have a straw on auto and no real manager to get scheduled
with on Wed/Thurs or Friday you will get a bot scheduled on Sat. if you
have a guy on auto he will get a fight in other words. Seems they get
scheduled if he is on auto normal rather than auto daily. BTW if you
force a bot the fight will run in about 10-12 min.

Posted 2016/10/22 9:45 PM by Guile

Thank you for all of your help. Looking forward to learning the game and meeting everyone here!

Posted 2016/10/23 1:30 PM by Game Admin

Hi Blue Rock. I removed the daily option from fighter scheduling to eliminate confusion.

As the guys said, we're in the middle of revamping the game after a few years of....neglect...

Lot's of stuff in the works, both cosmetic and gameplay related, but it's gonna a be bit like like living in a house that's under renovation for a while. Stick around, stay tuned :)

Posted 2016/10/24 8:19 AM by Guile

Thanks for the reply. I noticed some of the recent changes. Will stay tuned!

Posted 2018/01/10 10:25 PM by On the Canvas

Hello Blue Rock im a little late on the reply howeveer i would like to welcome you here...i played webl for years and have ultimately chose this game over it...for many reasons...anyway look forward to having some fights against you if you need anything or just wanna chat send me a message...take care good luck..