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How do I earn these 100 credits?

Posted 2015/11/06 5:40 PM by AMAZE Fight Kingdom

New fighters, New gym, domination is the mission we got. Oh yea, when do I get these 100 credits u talk about?

Posted 2015/11/06 9:16 PM by Dodgeball

Welcome to the game. The game has changed away from use of credits at this time to free play. Currently there is no need for credits as the only thing they could be used for is forcing which can be done for free by winning a regional title. Take some time to read the blogs on how to make a competitive fight plan and enjoy.

see you in the ring

Posted 2015/11/07 4:33 AM by AMAZE Fight Kingdom


Posted 2016/02/22 9:37 PM by Krusty

Sorry to revive a year-old thread but I am wondering about forcing fights with credits as mentioned. Can you force fights before winning a regional title? I have accumulated a few credits somehow from back when I first signed up years ago and have started spending them to force like status 1 and 2 fights in order to fast track my way to contention. Once I run out of credits will this no longer be an option? And if so, is there a way to eatn more credits? ( I really like this game but almost the entire how-to section seems to apply to a game that no longer exists. My other big question is is there access to the dumped fighters pile to pick up reject fighters?)

Posted 2016/02/22 11:09 PM by Dodgeball

I put 100 credits in your gym to use for forcing. I think most of the how to sections are relevant even if out dated. The blogs are probably the best source for how to play most current. Which dumped fighters are you wanting in your gym? You can have some out of Alc gym if you send me private message. If anyone wants a fighter in Alc gym can send me a message.

Posted 2016/02/23 8:43 AM by ZWIP

Like DB said..if there is Alc fighter 5 rated or lower you would want
in your gym let us know...Have Fun!

Posted 2016/02/23 8:44 AM by Krusty

Thanks for the quick reply and the top up! And apologies for inplying the how-tos don't apply I was thinking more in terms of the explanations for old game features that no longer apply. I'm quite happy that things were improved to allow mostly free play. Keep up the good work admin!