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hey im back

Posted 2015/01/10 5:27 AM by puto karnals

My old account was tha ALA gym but cant get in with that account anymore now this my new account the puto karnals..how can I get my gym credits hehe

Posted 2015/01/10 8:43 AM by ZWIP

Hey puto..I remember you as ALA. I transferred all your fighters from your
old gym to your new one, Welcome back. It is free to play now so no need
for credits:)

Posted 2015/01/10 12:10 PM by puto karnals

Oh I got my fighters back hehe thanks zwip

Posted 2015/01/13 12:36 PM by puto karnals

Why one of my old fighter is still in my stable when I already dumped himand he is still scheduled to fight last september 2012