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Real life Boxing Matches (Dream matches) Chance of

Posted 2013/10/17 9:08 AM by Big Boy Inc

Fighters in their prime.

Azumah Nelson vs Manny Pacquaio.....let's say they meet at super featherweight. Have fun :)

Posted 2013/10/26 6:47 PM by Angee Dungelo

I have another to ponder of classic Heavyweight sluggers.

Elimination bouts in their prime featuring;

Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, George Foreman & Ernie Shavers.

I don't know who to start the elimination with and won't predict, but feel myself that Tyson vs Marciano or Frazier would be one hell of a slug-fest.

How do you see it ending?

Posted 2013/10/26 6:59 PM by Big Boy Inc

Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson, George Foreman & Ernie Shavers

Rocy Marciano would get killed against those guys because he was a cruiserweight. He is from my home state and I love the guy. Do you think Marciano could beat any of them? Shavers vs Tyson would be a great bout but Tyson would KO him. He was too fast in his prime. Foreman is probably the best of the bunch.

Foreman vs the Klitchsko...thoughts?

Posted 2013/10/26 9:53 PM by Angee Dungelo

Myself no. I agree. I don't think Marciano could handle most of those guys due to his natural size. But I do see Tyson and Frazier as being two bad ass left hookers of about the same size and speed. The edge of a tougher chin going to Frazier. Tyson had a good chin but Frazier would not stay down even against Foreman in two fights and 7 knock downs.

But in his prime, Foreman never went any distance with the best of his day less Ali. He just tossed from side to side to body and head with power and no other offense or tactics.
Least that's my opinion.

Posted 2013/10/26 9:55 PM by Angee Dungelo

Oh, and I don't know enough about Klitchsko to compare him to Foreman.

I'll look up a few fights and try to offer an opinion later.

Posted 2013/10/27 6:09 PM by ZWIP

Marciano, was one of the best conditioned athletes ever had an iron will
and was tough as nails. But as said b-4..he was a cruiser weight. Fighting
guys much bigger with the same punching ability will get you killed..wouldn't
get koed but probably stopped on cuts or closed eyes. The 1970's version
of Foreman ducked Shavers because of his massive punching power. Shavers
wasnt a great boxer,,the same as the 1970's Foreman but a great puncher.
I think a 1988 Tyson beats..Marciano, Shaver, and Frazier. Although 1970 Frazier
vs 1988 Tyson "Could" be a pretty good fight. I think Tyson's straight forward
approach would get him killed by Foreman. Kinda Like Frazier..Frazier could bob
and weave also Like Tyson but couldnt get away from the bigger stronger Foreman.
Actually I think the 1991 Version of Foreman beats them all imo. Still had his Great
power and was a much better defensive fighter and more discipline fighter than the 70's.

Posted 2013/10/27 9:01 PM by Angee Dungelo

That's true Zwip. Marciano was incredibly tough and disciplined. But he suffered so much damage in his tough est fights because of being small.The first title fight with Walcott just shredded Rocky's face. And he lost near every round until that great right hand in the 13th. Otherwise he was gonna lose.
Walcott, Moore, and even Ol' Joe Lewis planted him on the mat once.

Posted 2013/11/18 12:27 AM by Game Admin

Marciano benefited greatly from timing. Great fighter but hopelessly outclassed against modern monsters.

Early 70s Foreman easily pounds Tyson into paste simply due to styles. Peak Ali KOs Tyson in later rounds as Tyson gets discouraged by Ali's speed and ability to take a punch.

A prime Larry Holmes also takes Tyson (there's gonna be some howling over that one). To be fair though, Tyson plants everyone else, including Joe Frazier and yes, Joe Louis (more howling). The Frazier fight sees knockdowns on both sides but peak Tyson's head movement makes the difference as he just connects more often. Frazier's body attack isn't as effective against Tyson because he's a stump.

Part of me believes Ike Ibeabuchi would have been right up there if he hadn't gone batshit crazy. We'll never know.

Posted 2013/11/18 12:32 AM by Dodgeball

Ike Ibeabuchi was one of the best fighters I have ever seen. His fight with David Tua was incredible and the ease that he handled a Chris Byrd at hid peak was amazing.

Posted 2013/11/18 2:31 AM by Big Boy Inc

I loved Ike, he was bound to fight and destroy Lennox Lewis before he went crazy with the prostitute in the hotel room.