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Posted 2013/10/11 2:43 AM by Big Boy Inc

Heavyweight - Vitali Klitchsko vs Mike Tyson

In their prime, figure I will do one current boxer against an older fighter. To keep things fresh.

Posted 2013/10/11 10:47 AM by Dodgeball

The two eras where critics say there was no competition and that is why the respective champions were dominant. Vitali is bigger, stronger, and more athletic than anyone Tyson fought and Tyson was faster with his footwork and hands and had a better inside game than anyone Vitali has fought. Vitali's best fight was his loss to Lennox Lewis. Tyson was well past his prime at 35 fighting Lewis and Vitali wasn't reaching his prime until this age. Vitali's worse fight was quitting while he was way ahead against the smaller Chris Byrd where he could have one armed it to win the last few rounds. Tyson would not let either Klitschko grab and lay on him without doing inside work that would also include shoulder and head butts. Wearing down the bigger Klitschko and TKO'ing him in the later rounds from unanswered punches.

Posted 2013/10/11 2:26 PM by ZWIP

Really hard to judge how good Tyson was in his prime (85-88). He did destroy everyone in his path and
was never the same after he let kevin Rooney go. Rooney kept Tyson in line and focused. Trouble was
there was no good competition to judge him by in that period. The only REAL credible guy he fought was
Larry Holmes and Holmes was 38 and 8 years past his prime. Mostly Tyson fought guys that Holmes fought
and beat years b-4. He was very strong and agile,had great head movement and was hard to hit in that
period and Like I said Just walked through guys.....but again who did he beat? Vitali Klitchsko...Has been
pretty good for alot of years now..trouble is the HW division anymore,,nobody cares about and doesnt
seem like alot of great prospects around. Vitali is definetly bigger than anyone Tyson had fought b4 and could
keep him at bay I think with his jab. He might frustrate Tyson laying combo's and moving away and tying
him up when he would try to get inside. Tyson was a beast back then...but I give it to Vital by UD.

Posted 2013/10/17 9:00 AM by Big Boy Inc

Nice reads guys, really enjoy hearing your views. I have to agree with ZWIP on this one. I think Tyson was a beast in his hey day but he never beat real elite talent and one thing Klitchsko is a superb heavyweight fighter. He has the reach, a strong jab that would just stop Tyson in his tracks. Tyson will always have the punchers chance knowing that Klitchsko doesn't have the greatest chin but I just think Tyson was a bit overrated.