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First week of BDB dream matches with real boxing!!

Posted 2013/10/06 5:15 AM by Big Boy Inc

I'm going to put up a dream boxing match in the Boxing forum and the managers who pick who "I" think would win, will win 500 credits!!This will be weekly and like it to be fun!

Pernell Whitaker vs Floyd Mayweather at welterweight....

Tell me your thoughts.....

Posted 2013/10/06 4:42 PM by Kenny K.O.

Money May by UD

This would be a fun fight to see. Both similar fighters, but I think the 2" height advantage would help Mayweather in this slap fest. I think it'd be close, but Mayweather wins in the end 115-113, 116-112, 115-114.

Posted 2013/10/06 9:02 PM by ZWIP

Sweat Pea by UD...Even though Money is head and shoulders above anyone today,,IMO
there are a few fighters from the 90"s that could stick it to mayweather. Chavez/Delahoya
are 2 IMO. I watched the Chavez/Sweat pea fight and though Sweat got hosed big time.
The same with the DeLaHoya fight. Sweat Pea was a crafty/slipperry counter puncher who had a
solid chin and kept up a steady attack. I think he could avoid Mays hard shots and score
enough to win a dec.

Posted 2013/10/07 1:19 PM by Dodgeball

agree with ZWIP here. I thought Mayweather lost to De La Hoya few years back so definitely think some of the fighter's from the 90's could have taken away his 0 in their prime. Sweet Pea was at his best during the period between the two Buddy McGirt fights which includes the Chavez draw.

Posted 2013/10/11 2:40 AM by Big Boy Inc

I agree with ZWIP and DB that Sweet Pea would come out of this one with a close decision. I feel that he was unpopular because of his defensive style but he would frustrate Mayweather like no other. I think De La Hoya was a great fighter but I'm not totally sold on him either.

ZWIP and DB win this weeks :)