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Angelo Dundees' passing

Posted 2012/03/05 12:42 AM by Angee Dungelo

As the longtime namesake of my gym, (Angee Dungelo) I'm embarrassed to learn over month late that this legendary trainer and boxing strategist passed away Feb.1 2012. I don't know why I never heard this on the news. Guess it shows the sad state of boxing and the popularity of the U.F.C. Which I find insulting. It's just organized gang fighting without style, honor, or any representation of being a real man. Kicking when they are down? Kicking period is hardly stylistic or a talent.

I'll miss his interviews. This man had some real stories. His first job as trainer and ring second was Carman Basillio. He taught and told Basillio what he had to do to win against his opponent. Because the opponent was no fool. And that opponent was Sugar Ray Robinson. Plus it was a title fight.
Basillio won,... and became the first of Dundee's 15 would titles.

Not bad Angelo. ;)

Posted 2012/03/05 2:10 AM by Bronze Southpaw

I agree that Angelo was definately a legiond and I hadn't heard of his passing, either. But I take offence in your UFC comments. One of the first and formost signs of honor - sportsmanship - left boxing nearly 40 years ago. The disrespect boxers show one another before, during and after matches attests to that.

MMA fighters talk a bit to promote the fights, but even if the men really don't like each other, they have respect for anyone who competes. That is clear in the genuine treatment they show for one another when the match is over. Boxing is full of thugs.

The real art of fight sports is now being shown in MMA. That's why many boxers have attempted to make the transition - rather unsuccessfully, I might add.

Posted 2012/03/08 5:07 AM by Angee Dungelo

Well, I expressed my opinion, and you are certainly entitled to yours also. Everyone has different views of things.

I stated being insulted, you stated being offended. I'd call that about even. ;)

Posted 2012/09/11 6:40 AM by Angee Dungelo

Odd that since with all of us playing a boxing game,... nobody has anything to say about real boxing.