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Happy 70th Birthday Muhammad Ali

Posted 2012/01/15 12:25 AM by Angee Dungelo

If there was ever a charismatic, entertaining, and talented Champion,.. this is the man. I enjoyed so many of his, and the fighters of his times battles during the 1970's that I doubt it will ever be repeated in the Heavyweights. His battles with Cosell were pure comedy. And the fights were "edge of the seat" in the later years. I wish him the best.

Posted 2012/09/11 6:46 AM by Angee Dungelo

No comments on Ali in the 8 months since I mentioned his birthday in Jan 2012. Kinda thought he was significant in the game of boxing.

Posted 2012/09/11 8:27 AM by J.Aaron Hall

Ali is significant to boxing...not just because he was the best in the ring, but because he was first and foremost a showman. He knew how to sell himself to the people and we still love him years past his fighting days. Joe Frazier and George Foreman were formidable during the same period but they never saw past success between the ropes, Ali did and that is why he is and will always be The Champ.

Posted 2012/09/14 11:27 PM by Angee Dungelo

Thanks JAH. I agree.
Though George did a pretty good job of self promotion in his second career.
But Ali stands alone on the man he is, And the fighter he was. To me , he is the definition of "competitive" .
He fought so often after losing his title shot with Fraizer that people have forgotten how hard he worked coming back.
Even losing a second fight to Norton along the way. He faced everyone of merit for three years. Lyle, Shavers, Patterson II, Wepner, the list goes on. And he evened the score with both Fraizer and Norton before he beat Forman and recovered the title.

Yeah, He is,... The Champ. :)

Posted 2012/09/15 9:06 AM by ZWIP

The 70's were the golden age of Boxing for Heavies. Let alone the Champs,,Ali,
Frazier, Foreman, Norton, Holmes. Others like Quarry, Lyle, Young, Bonavena,
Shavers would have been Champs in other era's and gave the Great's fights to remember.
I watched almost every fight during the 70's and became a HUGE Boxing fan. Ali was
the ultimate showman. The Ali of 66-67 imo would have stood up against anyone
in history. During the mid later 70's though as he was still the most popular athlete
if not person on the planet even though he was no longer the best fighter. I think he lost
the 3rd Norton fight and lost the Young fight. He fought Leon Spinks (a guy with only 8 pro
fights) for the title instead of another Norton fight or Holmes or Young whom all would
have beat him at that point. Seemed he "let" Spinks win so he could come back and win the
title again for the 3rd time. A smart strategy but kind of let me down by not fighting anyone
near the top 5.

Posted 2012/09/16 6:45 PM by Angee Dungelo

I agree with all you wrote Zwip. Except that "Letting Leon Win the first fight" comment.

That wasn't Ali.

Just Youtube those last three rounds and you will be reminded. Ali was seriously behind due to playing and hoping to wear the kid down. (Remember, Leon had never fought past 10 I think.) But there was Spinks in the final rounds, and Ali didn't have any more gas in the tank. He fought like hell from 13-15. But Leon was just too young and strong. It was suppose to be easy. He barely trained for a kid with so few fights.

He misjudged the kid. Like Richard Pryor said: Leon had nothing to lose. And put out 100%.

Posted 2012/09/16 7:05 PM by ZWIP

You are right Angee,,I really didn't mean Ali "let him win". I remember like it was
yesterday watching that fight on Friday night fights on ABC. I was in shock like all others
that Spinks had won. Ali was sooooo far out of shape and took Leon too lightly and didn't
have enough in those last rounds. Kind of gave me a sour taste though that an un-ranked
fighter could get a shot at the title ,,at that time the Heavyweight Championship was the
biggest prize in sports. At that point in his career Ali knew he was slowing down. Probably
4 or 5 fighters could have beat Ali. Holmes for sure,,Norton, Young and Probably Foreman.

Posted 2012/09/16 7:07 PM by ZWIP

BTW,,Richard Pryor was from my hometown. He grew up 5 or 6 blocks away from me.

Posted 2012/09/17 12:04 AM by Angee Dungelo

Yes, I'm a big Pryor fan. And heard so often Peoria mentioned in his skits. One funny man!

But back to Ali, and the second fight with Spinks,... No it wasn't the Ali of old, But he busted his ass to get in shape and sure showed Leon what he had learned about boxing the past 20 years at 36. It wasn't a classic win. It was simply an skillful win. Leon had no clue what to do when Ali stayed on his toes all night. Grabbing him and flurrying now and then. I was surprised myself he danced all night.
But he did it.

And back to a Pryor skit about that second fight,

ALI: "No son, Not tonight,... I got to have it tonight!
And every time you start this shit, I gonna grab you just like this! So you go back on over there,...

And,... Take this with you,... BAM! ( A left Jab)