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Top 100 Current Boxers

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Terminator Ty

Of course, you guys know I like the rankings, etc.

RING has 4 blogs with the Top 100 Boxers ..... I found it interesting .... some names you've never heard of probably, but pretty cool I thought .... this is the link to 1-25 ... 26-50 .... 51-75 .... 76-100 can easily be found there ....

also, our local cable provider has a host of "freebies" from time to time On Demand .... the boys and I found a couple of Butterbean specials .... jeez that guy fought some STIFFS .... then, when he was fighting some decent fighters, Butterbean was practically handed the decision .... it was a bit of a tribute to Butterbean, but it also was relatively fair .... worth the watch if you ever find some old stuff like that .... on the other end of the spectrum, there were also some of Tyson's early fights On Demand .... god-dang he was just vicious .... so nasty and impressive when he was young ....

sound off if you choose .... T.Ty book

Posted 2011/01/05 8:43 PM by Terminator Ty

and i forgot the link .... here it is ....

http://www.ringtv.com/blog/2647/ring_100_125/ book