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Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by slambango

I heard on the radio that it's on... no details yet book

Posted 2009/12/20 12:39 PM by redizdead

Well, of course it's on!!
The fight was due to happen in october 2010, if I remember correctly. But Pacquiao wants to be in the philipines for elections (he wants to run for I don't know what, governor or something else)
Now it's apparently gonna be March 13 2010.

Posted 2009/12/20 12:41 PM by redizdead

Not signed yet though. But it appears to be clear it's gonna on that date, and in Vegas, MGM Grand... instead of Dallas. book

Posted 2010/01/08 8:54 AM by Duke of Dorkdom

so what's everyone thoughts on the latest news on this?

Also, in your opinion, who is more to blame. Note i said "more", because neither party is blameless. book

Posted 2010/01/08 9:02 PM by Jedi Jays House of Pancakes

paqi shoulda just took the drug test and beat the snot outta floyd ...

thats my 2 cents book

Posted 2010/01/09 7:16 AM by The Coroner

Mayweather is more to blame in this one. He never insisted that his opponent submit to this type of drug testing before, at least to my knowledge...

I think he was just looking for a way out. Come up with something that his camp knew would be unreasonable. Although, the Pacman could have said "yes" to the testing...

I think Manny would've beaten Mayweather's a$$. Floyd would take a hell of a beating, win or lose... book

Posted 2010/01/09 8:41 AM by redizdead

both fighters qre using doping.
The thing is, they re not using the same. Floyd can stop way before the fight, because he s building his endurance up, not really his power. But pacquiao has used steroids, and surely other things like EPO and growth hormones in all his last fights, since he had to come up in weight... SO Mayweather knows this, as well as anyone who knows professional sports enough. And he s using this, because he knows that without substances, Pacquiao could NEVER have gone up in the weight divisions like he did. and still be able to knock people out.

Posted 2010/01/09 8:50 AM by redizdead

but to answer the question, Mayweather is to blame, imo. everybody uses doping at this level.
And he shouldnt have done what he did, because he can win anyway. He s too afraid to lose, thats the problem with many modern champs.
But I must admit Pacquiao's progression in weight divisions is scary.
Even with Floyd's technique, his defense, which is the best in the world, I understand you can be sceptic about what the other guy will be able to do, how hard he will hit.
But hey, these guys are supposed to be champs, not amateur boxers. Its boxing... book

Posted 2010/01/09 2:00 PM by Duke of Dorkdom

The part I find the most interesting is Senior saying its obvious manny is using because pac started at 106 when 16 and now in his 30's is top dog at 147. Interesting because Junior was golden gloves at 106 when 16 and was top dog at 147 in his 30's... book

Posted 2010/01/10 12:21 PM by The Coroner

It's garbage like this that has all but ruined boxing for me. This is the one fight that everyone wants to see and it probably will never happen...... book

Posted 2010/01/10 1:04 PM by Bold Bill

It always smelled like FMJr was trying to make an excuse not to fight him. book

Posted 2010/02/06 6:47 AM by redizdead

Now there is supposed to be a Mayweather/Mosley fight... We'll see. book

Posted 2010/04/07 7:43 AM by Terminator Ty

rumor was that the drug testing thing was just a set up to delay the fight everybody wants to see ... instead of payperview 1 fight for $49.95 or more .... now they hit us for 3 fights .... manny 1 win .... mayweather 1 win .... then, the big banana .... guess we'll see book