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ESPN 30 on 30 - Ali-Holmes

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Cheez the DKE

I really enjoyed ESPN's look at the background and training camp health of Ali. It should be running quite a bit on ESPN and ESPN2 over the next few days, catch it for an educational look at some things I certainly wasn't aware of, and shocked by in Ali's camp. book

Posted 2009/12/17 8:07 AM by redizdead

thanks for the info, I'm downloading it right now... book

Posted 2009/12/17 2:08 PM by ZWIP

I remember watching that fight on closed circuit (One of the first). Ali was 38
years old and a shell of his former self. You could tell Parkinsons had set in
already as his reflexes and movement was very slow. He had taken Diet
pills to cut weight which made him even weaker. Holmes was brilliant
also. At 30 he was just starting his prime (for him) 80-82 Holmes would have been
almost unbeatable in any era. I think the fight was stopped in the 10th
or 11th and Holmes easily won every round. Ali might not have landed
more than 10 punches the whole fight. It was sad to see. Holmes was in
a no win situation. If he won he beat an old man,,,if he lost he would have
been called a fraud champ. book

Posted 2009/12/20 12:38 PM by redizdead

That's why this 30 for 30 is interesting (great sport series by the way).
You see a bit what happens around the fight. Some rare footages I had never seen before are included.
I got it in HD, and since then I'm getting the others 30 for 30 ESPN series. Nice stuff. book

Posted 2012/01/15 12:46 AM by Angee Dungelo

It's the first time Angelo Dundee stopped a fight of Ali's. The man was more than just Ali's trainer,... he was a friend. There was even an episode after Angee called the fight. The ref went over to Ali and asked if he wanted to go on. Dundee exploded! Screaming: "I'm Chief Second!" I said the Ball Game Is Over! I Stop The Fight!
The ref basically ran away knowing he screwed up asking the fighter what he thought.
Dundee was asked later if he felt bad putting the first TKO on Ali's record. He stated firmly: "I don't give a crap about his record!" My guy was doing nothing, and was getting hurt! I did what I needed to do! That's what the f**k I'm here for!
Which is why I chose his name to model my gym after.