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why no old fight dvd's?

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Gentleman Gym

you used to be able to find a lot of films of old fights, now in the dvd age it seems there isn't much. Hagler for instance only has his lame fight against leonard on dvd. book

Posted 2009/08/15 9:09 PM by Cheez the DKE

I've always assumed it was due to the cost of remastering the originals. Most people would be very angry to have poor quality DVD sound and video, something that could be covered a bit by VHS. Especially in HD imagine the flaws.

The only compilations I own are all on VHS, my favorite being "Champions Forever". I also have all the original set of HBO Sports (Knockout Kings, Mike Tyson, etc...) from the mid-late 80's. I know CF is out on DVD, but with the production values of the others, they would look terrible on DVD. While the hardcore collectors won't care, I've always figured there aren't enough of us to make the release worthwhile.


Posted 2009/08/18 11:09 PM by Demise

Lots of illegitimate sources for boxing fights both new and classic including DVD but quality tends to lack on the old fights being that they are just old transfers of VHS recordings. As far as why boxing doesn't sell classic fights, seems like more of a demand issue. Newer fights you can often find for download in high definition now so quality isn't a concern. If you are looking for a particular old fight i may have it on DVD if you want a copy I can get you one send me an internal mail of what you want, although my old fight collection is far from extensive I'll see if I can help you out. book

Posted 2009/12/15 7:38 PM by redizdead

you can find anything you want on the net... If you need help you can ask me also. I have a huge collection of fights and documentaries. ALmost 1 To full of first class fights, some of them from the 30's, even before. book