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Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by TEAM ORTHODOX

yes floyd mayweather is back! and he's goin to fight juan manuel marquez july 18. Tell me what you guys think? ima go for mayweather referee stoppage. :) book

Posted 2009/05/02 11:24 PM by Luchini

Yes sir...I don't know about a referee stoppage, but my money is on Mayweather no doubt! book

Posted 2009/05/10 3:00 PM by Jucey Coture

let me u somthing... i see a UD for Floyd mayweather. He has the overall boxing skill like an animal.. to top it all off, he very VERY athletic!.. Solid Jab to the body and a killer left lead hook. No one can beat him because they clearly dont know how. they all think that because floys is fast, he isnt strong.. WRONG.. if u look at mayweather footage, you can clearly see that floyd mayweather gets all of his knockdowns from the side. and they are 1 punch knockdowns too. if u go inside, then your playing floyds game. floyd is used to being chased around the ring and capping fighters on the inside. TO BEAT FLOYD, YOU HAVE TO OUTBOX HIM, AND I DONT SEE THAT HAPPENING..

Posted 2009/05/12 9:01 AM by TEAM ORTHODOX

i totally agree finnaly someone agrees with me FLOYD MAYWEATHER ALL DAY!!!!! book

Posted 2009/05/13 8:02 AM by Demise

Not so sure that guys need to outbox Floyd to beat him, which is going to be tough for just about anyone to do. Floyd's weaknesses come from throwing a low amount of punches, and throwing one shot at a time for the most part.

Jose Luis Castillo gave Floyd all he could handle in their two fights by getting inside and not going away and in the end, while I thought Floyd won one of their fights and drew the other, Castillo did show a way for Floyd to be beaten.

I am a huge Marquez guy and have been since the Norwood fight, but this is a bad match-up for Marquez. Both are counter punchers, but Floyd will make Marquez lead and in the end Floyd's better defensive skills will allow him to win this fight with relative ease I assume, in a 116-112 or 117-111 type fight. Although I will be rooting for Marquez. Against a Pacquiao I would take Floyd as well as he has an uncanny ability to take away a fighters best punch, and Pacquiao's straight left will be taken out of the mix much as it was against Marquez in their two fights after the first two rounds. But remember, Floyd did struggle with Judah early in their fight, and even got knocked down with a straight left (though it wasn't called) in their fight, but Judah did what Judah does.

Floyd can go on an impressive run against these guys, but if he stepped in with Paul Williams he would be in for a long night. Williams sheer volume and especially since he is sitting down on his punches since losing to Quintana in their first fight, would make for a tough fight for Floyd. I could see him making Williams miss often, but not making Williams pay consistently but there is no way I see Floyd taking that fight. book

Posted 2009/05/17 7:48 PM by TEAM ORTHODOX

ok DEMISE i partially agree with you first of. I am too a huge mayweather fan but i think he would know his limits if he stepped in the ring with paul williams the guys a freak of nature in his weight division elusive tall strong and for the most part he avg's over a 100 punches a round omg thats crazy thats like a 12/5/8 (ring/feint/outside) the guys versatile anyone agree with me here? book