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Ricky Hatton

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by jonnydog

We all seen Hatton blow up from his fighting weight of 10 stone to almost if not 13+ stone since winning the IBF light Welter title June this year.

Well he was being interviewed last night prior to his fight with Carlos Maussaand to unify the IBF/WBA light welter belts; the guy has shifted the weight and is looking well for it no signs of weakness etc.

Time will only tell if this ballooning in weight then losing it in time for fight night (even if controlled) will have a serious effect on such a hot prospect from Manchester, England

Posted 2005/11/21 6:41 PM by Idaho Chong

I think the prob might be him losing speed. But time will tell. book

Posted 2005/11/22 8:43 AM by BobbyMac

Big weight changes didn't seem to affect Archie Moore. Perhaps he will be the same. book

Posted 2005/11/22 9:31 AM by jonp

Archie had a laid back,clever heavy hitting style,Hatton is all action high energy if anything will hamper that kind of style its drastic weight change. book

Posted 2007/12/08 6:23 AM by Sirius711

Hatton's been yo-yo dieting for years, it's never hampered him in the past, why should it hamper him now? book

Posted 2007/12/09 6:03 AM by Paz McCay

Too much Floyd... book

Posted 2007/12/10 3:04 PM by jonnydog

old topic book

Posted 2007/12/10 3:07 PM by jonnydog

However Hatton v PBF
Heart said Hatton, My head said PBF,
lets face it he is special, however Hatton will bounce back and will dominate the light welter divison for another two years at least

Theres only 1 Ricky Fatton ;)

Posted 2009/03/31 1:25 PM by Gentleman Gym

if he takes the same kind of loss from manny that he took from floyd, won't it be terrible for his career? or, is he too popular? book

Posted 2009/05/04 12:22 PM by Paz McCay

What's the verdict guys? How is RH being received across the pond now? book

Posted 2009/05/04 8:47 PM by Catatonic

Fair do's. He got completely outclassed by pac-man and he probably should retire, but it would be nice if he at least went out with a win. "There's only one RICKY HATTON". book