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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Canada region, Magicus is currently Inactive joined the game 7/19/2001 9:57:15 AM and was last online 3/3/2004 6:18:51 AM

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(Created Janurary 2003)

Until now, nothing good was happening for Magicus.
With a losing record and no money to pay his fighters,
Magicus had lost all hope for the new year.
A couple of days before annoncing is retirement of the boxing industry,
Magicus received a phone call that made him change his mind.
Now Magicus gym is ready to bounce back even harder in 2003.
He now has more money, more talent and more courage than ever before.
I proudly present to you the New and Improved...

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Regional Champion "Dampfhammer" Johnson Middleweight 19-19-0 (16/15)

His current rating is 17 and he is ranked 7 in the World Class Middleweight Rankings.