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ARROGANCE stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and reportedly weighs 109lbs. He is currently registered in the Strawweight division. He fights for Amateur - US and is managed by Jerri Maguire

has has a rating of 7, a status of 12 and record of 27-21-0 (8/15) and is currently D .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Fighter Description

My name is ARROGANCE, you may wonder why. Here`s the scoop, My manager Jerri was arguing with Roadspill in chat one day that it is the manager that makes the fighter not vice-versa. In an attempt to prove his point, my hard-headed manager made me and promised to make public my stats every week so whoever I fight knows before hand what he is up against, lucky me you say? I say Bull....
Anyway, Jerri guaranteed the pesky RK, that with his management expertise, he could guide me to at least a 10 rating. I, myself, doubt this feat possible, but I am not the boss, Mr CIT champ with the HUGE ego is. I`m just the poor sap who gets to get pounced on mercilessly. Lucky me you say? I say BULL!!!
So, do not take this as disrespect if you encounter me, and if you lose, do not be embarrased, you have RK to blame, please direct all your frustration at him. OK, that`s the story. I say I`ll forever be stuck under a 3 rating, but here goes nothing..........

Week 1 - STR-8, SPD-15, AGL-14, TGH-14
Week 2 - STR-8, SPD-15, AGL-15, TGH-14
Week 3 - STR-8, SPD-17, AGL-15, TGH-14
Week 4 - STR-8, SPD-17, AGL-16, TGH-15
Week 5 - STR-8, SPD-17, AGL-17, TGH-15
Week 6 - STR-9, SPD-17, AGL-17, TGH-16
Week 7 - STR-9, SPD-17, AGL-17, TGH-18
Week 8 - STR-11, SPD-17, AGL-17, TGH-18
Week 9 - STR-11, SPD-19, AGL-17, TGH-19
Week 10 - STR-11, SPD-19, AGL-18, TGH-19
Week 11 - STR-10, SPD-19, AGL-18, TGH-19
Week 12 - STR-10, SPD-19, AGL-19, TGH-19
Week 13 - STR-10, SPD-20, AGL-20, TGH-19
Week 14 - STR-10, SPD-20, AGL-19, TGH-19
Week 15 - STR-10, SPD-21, AGL-19, TGH-19
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