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Jerri Maguire

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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Amateur - US region, Jerri Maguire is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 2/20/2004 4:56:16 PM

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Welcome to our humble gym. Our goal here is to win fights.


~ Winner of the prestigious 1st Annual CIT ~

~ Runner-up- 2nd Annual CIT ~


Bobby Says - 2 time LightHeavyweight Champion
S.Hole - 4 time Flyweight Champion, 5 time strawweight Champion
Bubble Boy - 7 time Flyweight Champion, EKO Hall of Fame Inductee
Destroyer 1 - Middleweight Champion, former Welter and LightHeavyweight Challenger
The Assman - Lightweight Champion, former Welterweight Challenger
I Told You So! - Welterweight Champion, former Lightweight Challenger


Jab Herjaw - 2 time Heavyweight Challenger
George'The Stump' Costanza - 2 time Middleweight Challenger
Shoeshine - 3 time Strawweight Challenger
The Soup Nazi - Strawweight Challenger