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rIn The Sureshot rIn

rIn The Sureshot rIn stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and reportedly weighs 192lbs. He is currently registered in the Cruiserweight division. He fights for World and is managed by Official Bot Gym

has has a rating of 0, a status of 1 and record of 2-2-0 (0/1) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 0-0-0 (0/0)

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Tyson's Crazy!!!!!!!He's Baaaaack!!!!

Tonight Mike Tyson demolished Lou Saverese in just 38 seconds!!!!!I knew when he stepped out of his car and began shadowboxing that he was wanting to hurt Saverese bad.Tyson never shadow boxes while walking into the arena.I knew then that Saverese was in trouble.

Both fighters stepped into the ring ,and I looked them both over.Tyson looked pissed ,and Saverese looked dry and scared.Anyways, the bell rang and Tyson came out looking for oppourtunities like always,but this time he seemed to have some of his speed back.He was as fast as I've seen him in a long time.12 seconds into the bout Tyson unleashed a monsterous left hook to Saverese's forehead which sent Saverese falling awkwardly to the canvas!!!!Much in the same fassion that Tyson floored Berbick way back when.Saverese got up but was clearly gone.Tyson rushed accross the ring to finish Saverese off with a barage of unstoppable bombs from which almost no man could withstand.The ref jumped in between the two fighters without taking into account that Tyson's emotions were on high because of the loss of his friend ."Big Mistake."38 seconds wasnt enough for Iron Mike.He needed more medicine!!!!So he went over,under,and around the ref to cash what was left of Saverese,hitting the ref in the process.Tysons back!!!!!!He was motivated tonight ,and I think that motivation will carry for another few fights at least.Lewis doesnt stand a chance against that Tyson.Ettiene and Tua are that Tyson's only challenges.He's going to kill Golota.

Mosely vs.De La Hoya recap

What a fight!!!!Thats what boxing is all about.A DLH fight actually lived up too the hype.

Mosely really impressed me with his diving punches.Thats Roy's territory.I had no idea that Shane could dive in with accuracy and power like that.From the looks of it ,neither did Oscar.

DLH seemed to be landing a lot of good combos,eventhough he seemed confused while throwing them.He relied on instincts,and that seemed to be working for him throughout the fight.Early on Shane tried to fight DLH's fight and got somewhat overpowered,but later on in the fight he began doing what he does best.Powerboxing.That adjustment won him the fight in my opinion.Both fighters took hellacious blows and remained standing throughout the fight.I was really impressed,and I have nothing but respect for both fighters.

Here's my scorecard:

(1)10/9 SSM (2)10/9 DLH (3)10/10 (4)10/9 DLH (5)10/9 DLH (6) 10/9 DLH (7)10/9 SSM (8)10/9 SSM (9)10/10 (10) 10/9 SSM (11) 10/9 SSM (12) 10/9 SSM*********116 to 114 for SSM**********************

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