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Cheez the DKE

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Originally hailing from Bloomsburg, PA and now fighting out of the U.S. East region, Cheez the DKE is currently Active joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 10/17/2023 12:06:56 AM

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If The Boxing Game / Big Dawg Boxing has royalty - He's the guy scrubbing the toilets.

... him either Im Buzz Lightyear! You want to see my laser? Dont tick off the little guy! No doubt regarding the identity of his father On an Easter Egg Hunt in 2008 cheezmanager
Gym Founded December 23, 1996
Gym Locations:

December 1996 - November 1999 in Bloomsburg, Pa
November 1999 - Febuary 2002 in Hagerstown, Md
Febuary 2002 - Present back in Bloomsburg, Pa

Semi-Voluntary Sabatical - September 2005 to April 2009
Back and Worse Than Ever - April 2009 - Present
For those of you a bit slow, Cheez (Mike) is married to Mrs. the DKE (Jennifer)
As of 5/1/2003

26 World Title Wins


All 100% Home Grown

Gym Records:

(1) TBG Hall of Famer (Salazar Beerguzzler)
(1) Future TBG Hall of Famer (Joseph Bird)
- Most KO's in TBG History (Salazar Beerguzzler)
- Greatest Chin in TBG History (Just "Not" Ducky)
- Official Spokesperson of TBG (Salazar Beerguzzler)

World Champions (all 100% Home Grown)
Toughman is not a real division and excluded

Salazar Beerguzzer
Joseph Birds Gym of Winged Creatures
Chevy Chase
Slick Willy
Idaho Dan
Just "Not" Ducky
Peel and Stick
Lite Cheez
Dr. Milo Farnsworth

... and if anyone can help me remember any others...