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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. East region, Chas is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 6/17/2000 11:19:43 PM

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Boxing is the ultimate sport. It is a blend of strength, will power, talent and courage. Anyone who steps into the ring demands respect. Boxers are extremely fierce competitors who inflict 'pain' on their opponet and at the same time the and for the most part...humble and considerate and the purist of sportsmen. I work hard to assemble a stable of fighters who will dedicate their mind, and will to the sport. I will do anything for my fighers if they step into the ring and go as hard and long as they can. Boxing is the toughest of the tought sports. I respect the sport..I love the sport...I admire the courage of anyone who steps into the ring. I ask my fighters to defeat an opponent but never to demean. Go hard..win..be professional. Chas