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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. West region, Idaho Chong is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 12/9/2008 7:22:12 PM

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I opened this gym back in Sept. of 1997 with but one thought in mind. To get a champion (Regional or World) in every division. My record isn't all that much to brag about but then again, I've dumped a ton of fighters without thinking. Some of the old timers here will cover me on that one. Now I'm getting fighters coming in here with some of the weirdest names!! I also own and run a Straw commentary called Last Straw 2002. I try and update it each week but I do slip now and then. Anyway....I hope to see you in the ring and will try to give you the best competition possible!!