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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. East region, GrumpyBigB is currently Inactive joined the game 9/21/2004 1:48:07 PM and was last online 6/13/2020 7:27:04 AM

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In the heart of the ole South... The gym is located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Many come in to enjoy punching one another in the face.

This Gym has won Pro US East Regional Titles in the following weight classes:
Toughman (none)
Heavyweight ('King Kong' Bundy, won title on 9/23/05-10/7/05),
Cruiserweight (none)
Light-Heavyweight (Yellow Jacket, won title on 12/16/05-present),
Welterweight (none)
Middleweight (Jeff "the vaccum" Therrien, won title on 12/22/05-1/12/06),
Lightweight (Earl "Hard Hitting" Holmes, won title on 12/5/05-12/14/05),
Featherweight (Kennyi Cichlid, won title on 12/13/05-1/17/06),
Featherweight (Pain's Invitation, won title on 11/8/05-11/15/05),
Bantamweight (Jeffro Bo Bob, won title on 9/27/05-1/10/06) *held title longest,
Flyweight (none)
Strawweight (The Suicide Blonde, won title on 1/3/06-1/15/06),
more to come!

This Gym has won Amatuer titles in the following weight classes:
Lightweight ("Iron" Mike Steele, held title 8/23/05 - 9/15/05 *gave up title.),
Cruiserweight ("PornStar" Paul, held title 3/11/05 - 4/15/05),
Toughman (Paul Pornstar, held title from 4/28/05 - 6/4/05 *gave up belt), &
Bantamweight ("Porn Star" Paul, held title 3/15/05 - 3/24/05).

Greatest prospects, "homegrown boys":
#1. "Iron Mike" Steele:
Amatuer Light weight Champ, Ranked #3, Rating 12, Status 12, 15 wins with 11 KOs.

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