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Mr. Shibumi's Dogs of War

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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. Midwest region, Mr. Shibumi's Dogs of War is currently Inactive joined the game 4/8/2004 10:12:43 PM and was last online 8/12/2006 12:41:06 AM

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"Cry HAVOC!! And let slip the dogs of war!"
-Julias Caesar

"Do not forget your dogs of war, which are the most-to- be respected arguments of the rights of kings."
-Frederick the Great

"Even our strawweights spar with the big dawgs!"
-Mr. Shibumi circa 2004 A.D.

What is Shibumi?
Shibumi is a statement so true it does not have to be real; it is spiritual tranquility that is not passive; and in the personality of a man it is authority without domination
How does one achieve Shibumi?
One does not achieve it, one . . . discovers it.