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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Europe region, suxel is currently Inactive joined the game 12/23/2002 10:07:24 AM and was last online 7/24/2014 7:51:12 AM

suxel has achieved level 42

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Member of the Player Commission from February 2004 to June 2006

200 homegrown Gold Belts

Highest Ratings (all homegrown)
Death on two legs (dancer)
Kurt Gallwe (slugger)
Hommes d'Aix (slugger)
Mario de la Mare (slugger)
Hans Braun (balanced)
Unskilled Jacob (dancer)
Ho Xiang (dancer)
Henk Eisenfaust (slugger)
Ingemar Johansson (slugger)
Stanley Hammer (slugger)
Tyron Booze (slugger)
John F. Jones (slugger)
IP Dealer II (slugger)
Robert Vogtmaier (slugger)
Rajim Burunad (slugger)
John Conteh (dancer)
IP Dealer (slugger)
Curt Catcher (slugger)
Akori Toyota (dancer)
Karl Mildenberger jr. (dancer)

Carl F. Jones(slugger)

JAN 03, 2003 1st amateur fight, amateur record 33-9-0
MAR 06, 2003 1st pro fight
MAY 15, 2003 1st Regional Title won by suxel lightchamp
JUN 12, 2003 1st homegrown rating-10-fighter:suxel cat
JUN 20, 2003 100 wins
NOV 14, 2003 1st homegrown rating-15-fighter: suxel warrior
MAY 03, 2004 Heavyweight Charly Graf wins the Inaugural TBG-Streak Tourney with a record of 9-0-0 (3/0)
JUN 18, 2004 500 wins
JUL 08, 2004 1st World Title Fight by Hans Braun in Middleweight division: lost by UD
SEP 03, 2004 1st homegrown rating-20-fighter: Death on two legs
SEP 16, 2004 1st World Title: Hans Braun in Middleweight division
FEB 25, 2005 1st homegrown rating-25-fighter: Death on two legs
JUN 10, 2005 Death on two legs wins World Heavyweight Title
Hans Braun starts his 2nd reign as World Middleweight Champion
AUG 25, 2005 1000 wins
AUG 29, 2005 John Conteh wins World Strawweight Title
Akori Toyota wins World Flyweight Title
FEB 28, 2006
Ho Xiang wins World Featherweight Title
MAR 15, 2006 Tyron Booze wins World Lightweight Title
JUN 06, 2006 Unskilled Jacob wins World Heavyweight Title
JUL 31, 2006 IP Dealer wins World Welterweight Title
SEP 5, 2006 Gerhard Luettig wins World Bantamweight Title
DEC 14, 2006 Karl Mildenberger jr. wins World Lightheavyweight Title
JAN 02, 2007 Count Down wins World Featherweight Title
JAN 05, 2007 John F. Jones wins World Heavyweight Title
JAN 17, 2007 IP Dealer II wins World Lightweight Title
FEB 22, 2007 Ingemar Johansson wins World Lightheavyweight Title
MAR 14, 2007 Finn Bentley wins World Lightweight Title
JUL 06, 2007 5 World Champions the same time:

Heavy, Cruiser, Lightheavy, Light, Feather
JUL 06, 2007 Legend status reached
JUL 13, 2007 Veteran Stanley Hammer wins World Cruiserweight Title
AUG 31, 2007 Henk Eisenfaust wins World Heavyweight Title
OCT 05, 2007 Hommes d'Aix wins World Heavyweight Title
JAN 03, 2008 Ingemar Johansson gets 10th LHW World Title with his 25th consecutive win
FEB 15, 2008 Cengic Koc wins World Cruiserweight Title
APR 11, 2008 Curt Catcher wins World Cruiserweight Title
JUN 13, 2008 Zwieback wins World Cruiserweight Title
JUN 27, 2008 Kurt Gallwe wins World Heavyweight Title
AUG 12, 2008 Alan 'Living Weapon' Stones wins World Featherweight Title
MAY 13, 2009 Nick Vos wins World Lightweight Title
SEP 04, 2010 Mario de la Mare wins World Heavyweight Title
FEB 26, 2011 Chris Howland wins World Toughman Title