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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. South region, Vandelay Industries is currently Inactive joined the game 12/12/2000 3:07:23 PM and was last online 12/17/2004 8:18:51 AM

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Postal Employee Newman training for next bout.

Brash young heavyweight Cosmo “The Assman” Kramer.

David “8 ball” Putty

and "Spongeworthy" Benes

Signing on with us.

Vandelay’s best


Izzy Mandelbaum

Beavis "This Video Sucks" Sucker admiring his physique before a fight.


Vandelay Industries

About our Gym

Vandelay Industries, a corporate giant in the latex-manufacturing industry has decided to diversify.  C.E.O. and Founder, Art Vandelay has decided to throw his hat into the world of Professional Boxing.  Using surplus capital from fiscal year 1999-2000, Mr. Vandelay’s decision came down to a choice between Boxing and Greyhound Racing.  Since most boxers are cleaner than dogs, and toilet-trained as well, He decided to save money that would have gone towards rolled up newspapers and Lysol, and chose boxing.  Thus, Vandelay Industries Gym was created.

Our Staff

Mr. Vandelay expects nothing but the best from those who work under his corporate flag.  For this reason, he brought in Mr. Miyagi all the way from the tiny little island of Okinawa to serve as his trainer.  Although Miyagi has never trained a boxer, we feel that his experience will enable our fighters to slip that little chop to the throat in there, without being detected by the referee.  Mr Vandelay also hired as his Manager/Promoter Mr. Kevin Johnson (that’s me by the way) from Winter Springs, Florida.  No one really understands the reasoning for this hire, but the rumor going around says that Johnson has compromising pictures of Mr. Vandelay with an unspecified farm animal…..

Our Fighters

To serve as the first group of boxers for Vandelay Industries, we brought in four of the most highly-motivated individuals we could find.  We started in the Amateur ranks with Light-Heavyweight bruiser, Izzy Mandelbaum.  He has clearly become the class of our gym.  To serve notice in the other weight classes we have Heavyweight Cosmo “The Assman” Kramer, who promises to be as entertaining as he is deadly.  In the Cruiserweight division we have David “8 ball” Putty, short on words, but high on talent.  Finally we have Middleweight Postal Employee Newman who is the most clever and scheming fighter in the business.  More fighters may eventually join the success of Vandelay Industries.  For now, however, we start with the cream of the crop!!!!!



Been awhile since news has been updated here at Vandelay Industries..... After greasing the right palms and forming clandestine relationships, Art Vandelay was granted a position as Player Commissioner. This is the beginning of Vandelay's Palpatine like overthrow of TBG as we know it!!!!!! heheheh........ On the fighter front, Elaine "Spongeworthy" Benes is up to #6 in the Strawweight rankings at a 13 status, and Izzy Mandelbaum is currently ranked 16th in Light-Heavies, although Izzy may be in the twilight of his career. Postal Employee Newman has been the victim of laziness by trainer Mr. Miyagi, as he suffered a few recent losses to lack up Fight Plan updating, but he promises to bounce back!!!!!


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