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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Canada region, Stratz99 is currently Inactive joined the game 11/12/2000 11:38:13 PM and was last online 7/19/2003 11:32:06 PM

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Higest manger ranking = 5th Aug 7 2001

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Stratz's Hall Of Champions

Heavy Weight = Nikkin 1 Time Champ, Jack The Crapper 4 time Champ
Cruiser Weight = Wilhelm VonPhytre's 1 time Champ, Daren Meat Man Salmon 1 Time Champ
Light-Heavy Weight =Jerry "The Ring Master" Springer 6 Time Champ, Holy Frijoles 1 Time Champ
Middle Weight = Zippa Head 1 Time Champ
Welter Weight = Marke Veggie The 2nd 1 Time Champ
Light Weight = Lolli Pop 2 Time Champ
Feather Weight = Banton B.U.M. 1 Time Champ
Bantam Weight = None
Flyweight "Slick Willy" Magoo 3 Time Champ
Straw Weight = Zaku II 2 Time Champ
Tough Man = None