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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. Midwest region, Jabber Inc. is currently Inactive joined the game 11/13/1999 3:06:14 PM and was last online 12/31/2008 10:45:42 AM

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Small town gym, with attitude. Winners are born here. Losers are tossed out like bad cheese. Training fighters on EKO for the last 6 years. You will not find any special HTML, no fancy music, just good old fashioned boxers.

We do have a special place in our heart for the IRISH.

Home of

BUDWISER-Former Midwest Middleweight Champion

GUIDO CARROLA-Former Midwest Middleweight Champion

NAMOR- Current and Four Time Midwest Lightweight Champion

BOB "CANNON" BALL- Four Time Midwest Welterweight Champion.

CRUELTEE-Former Midwest Lightweight Champion

BRUTEL FORCE-Former Midwest Middleweight Champion

KHUN KWAI-Former Midwest Light-Heavyweight Champion

MADOX-Former Midwest Middleweight Champion

YULE TIDE-Former Midwest Middleweight Champion

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