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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. South region, Phoenix the Iron Chef is currently Inactive joined the game 7/28/1999 12:11:54 PM and was last online 11/9/2011 9:42:22 AM

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Rising from the ashes...

Phoenix's not here right now.
Phoenix went away.
Phoenix is gone.

Gym Statistics:
Started EKO July 28, 1998
Restarted & New Gym Established July 29, 1999
First Fighter Ever Created Ikick Djobouti
First Fighter On Reapearance The Irish Drunk
First Rated 10 Fighter Citation
Highest Rated Fighters Green Eggs and Ham - 16
Blue Stare - 16
The Bridgekeeper - 16
Citation - 14
James Brown - 14
Most Regional Champions at One Time
First Regional Champion Green Army Man
Regional Champions (Oldest to Most Recent)
#1: Green Army Man#2: Comanche
#3: The Bridgekeeper#4: James Brown
#5: Bill "The Nerd" Gates#6: Andy Kaufman
#7: Usu Fuji#8: Scalawag
#9: Sadistic Clouds#10: The Knights Who Say "Nee"
#11: Mrs. Frank White#12: Green Eggs and Ham
#13: The New Legend#14: The Frat Boy
#15: Frederic "Boom Boom" Washington#16: The Bowtie Bandit
#17: Tai Mi Shu#18: Blue Stare
#19: Aquarius#20: Chickety China the Chinese Chicken
#21: White Spider#22: Ward Eight
Record of My Current Fighters: 407-215-37 (100/113)
Regional Title Record: 42-10-4 (11/3)

The U.S. South Region
Go US South!