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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Europe region, Nick@ is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 9/28/2005 7:44:38 AM

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In March 2000, held ALL 10 regional titles at one time. (Lost one in the very next fight but.......)


Straw Fly Bantam Feather Light Welter Middle Light-Heavy Cruiser Heavy Toughman

Marco Antonio Martinez (Winner of 5 Strawweight title fights)
Frank Rogers (Winner of 3 Strawweight title fights)
Cush (Winner of 5 Strawweight title fights)
Crusher Martinez (Winner of 8 Strawweight & 9 Flyweight title fights)
Eric Norris (Winner of 1 Flyweight title fight)
Wayne Douglas (Winner of 5 Flyweight title fights)
Nick Guttierez (Winner of 1 Bantamweight title fight)
Ryan Giggs (Winner of 1 Bantamweight title fight)
Suave "The Look" Ramirez (Winner of 3 Bantamweight & 7 Featherweight title fights)
Phil Stone (Winner of 1 Featherweight title fight)
Steve Kerr (Winner of 7 Featherweight , 8 Lightweight & 3 Welterweight title fights)
Lee Mason (Winner of 5 Lightweight title fights)
John Alan (Winner of 1 Welterweight title fight)
Richard Prince (Winner of 10 Welterweight title fights)
Byron Kennedy (Winner of 5 Welterweight & 2 Middleweight title fights)
Mick Rodderick (Winner of 6 Middleweight title fights)
Calvin McKerrow (Winner of 8 Middleweight title fights)
Sebastian Crocker (Winner of 4 Light Heavyweight title fights)
William Joppy (Winner of 16 Light Heavyweight title fights)
Tim Dawson (Winner of 3 Cruiserweight title fights)
Baby (Winner of 5 Cruiserweight title fights)
Yogi (Winner of 1 Heavyweight title fight)
Henry Chickenwande (Winner of 5 Heavyweight title fights)
Mitch Rawlings (Winner of 3 Heavyweight title fights)
Marco Anonio Morales (Winner of 2 Toughman title fights)


Steve Kerr (18 title wins)
Crusher Martinez (17 title wins)
William Joppy (16 title wins)
Richard Prince (10 title wins)
Suave "The Look" Ramirez (10 title wins)
Calvin McKerrow (8 title wins)
Byron Kennedy (7 title wins)
Mick Rodderick (7 title wins)
Marco Antonio Martinez (5 title wins)
Baby (5 title wins)
Cush (5 title wins)
Lee Mason (5 title wins)
Henry Chickenwande (5 title wins)
Wayne Douglas (5 title wins)
Sebastian Crocker (4 title wins)
Mitch Rawlings (3 title wins)
Tim Dawson (3 title wins)
Frank Rogers (3 title wins)
Marco Anonio Morales (2 title wins)
Ryan Giggs (1 title win)
Yogi (1 title win)
John Alan (1 title win)
Nick Guttierez (1 title win)
Eric Norris (1 title win)


(18) Sebastian Crocker
(14) Xiu Lung Chan
(12) G.Zuss.Friek
(12) Calvin McKerrow
(12) Mitch Rawlings
(11) Tony Junior
(11) Benjamin Spencer-Earl
(11) Colin "Cool" Thompson
(10) Lee Mason