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Dangerous Dan

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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the U.S. Midwest region, Dangerous Dan is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 11/21/2001 10:44:58 AM

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Proud Home Of:

Sugar Herb Dombrowski

World Heavyweight and World Toughman Champion

Sara Sota

Six Time World Cruiserweight Champion and three time World Light Heavyweight Champion

Jennifer Dempster

Three Time World Light Heavyweight Champion and World Cruiserweight Challenger. Member of the TBG Hall of Fame.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

World Welterweight Champion and World Middleweight Challenger

Yasmeen Ghari

Three Time World Welterweight Champion

Kid Willie Sadowski

Two Time World Flyweight Champion and World Bantamweight Challenger

Tom "Tomahawk" Thompson

World Heavyweight Challenger

Gym History:

First Fight: Dangerous Dan the Man KOd by Dixon "Livy" Lavelle (Delt) 5/26/98.
First Win / First KO: Dangerous Dan the Man KOd Grubba (Grubba) 6/2/98.
First Ranked Contender: Tom "Tomahawk" Thompson (6-0) 6/17/98.
First Title Fight: Tom "Tomahawk" Thompson dec loss to Banarne (Joe) 3/19/99.
First World Title: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt KOd 176-167 (Joe) 10/20/99.
First Simultaneous Titles: Kid Willie Sadowski (Flyweight) and Sara Sota (Cruiserweight) 3/21/00.
Hall of Fame: Jennifer Dempster (Light Heavyweight) Inducted 1/22/01
Highest Rating Achieved: Sara Sota (22) 7/7/00.
Most Fights: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (72).
Most Wins: Kid Willie Sadowski (44).
Most World Title Wins: Sara Sota (9).
Most Losses: Kid Willie Sadowski (24).
Most KO's: Kid Willie Sadowski (25).
Most times KOd: Kid Willie Sadowski (17).
Longest Win Streak: Tom "Tomahawk" Thompson (13).