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Originally hailing from Midwest and now fighting out of the U.S. Midwest region, Drew`s Gym & Beauty Supply is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 1/23/2010 8:51:40 PM

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Welcome to Drew's Gym

& Beauty Supply!

Drew got into the Beauty Supply business for one reason only: finances. You see, managing a gym full of beautiful women, while definitely having many perks, has one major downside as well. Poor Drew was getting buried in vouchers for makeup, hair stylists, leg waxing, brushes, hair dryers, curling irons, perms, "image consultants", Pamprin....you name it, his girls asked for it. Drew figured he could literally save thousands by cutting out the middleman. To his surprise, the Beauty Supply biz took off and is now making more money than the Gym! Its customers include many celebrities, athletes, assorted talk show hosts and the occasional cross-dresser looking for big shoes. Drop in, stay awhile, look around the gym, get a manicure. Pop, coffee & iced tea are on the house!

Proud member of the United States Midwest Region. Home of Laura "Half-Pint" Ingalls and RuPaul, former Welterweight Champions and 8 former Regional Champions.