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Originally hailing from U.S. South and now fighting out of the U.S. West region, Stretch Armstrong is currently Inactive joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 6/12/2013 9:53:51 PM

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The U.S. West Region
Proud Member
U.S. West Region
Stretch's Logo
Asst. PlayerCommissioner : 06/07/99 - 08/10/99
U.S. East Commissioner : 08/11/99 - 08/31/00
U.S. West Commissioner : 09/01/00 - 11/10/00
2001 TBG Head Commissioner : 11/01/00 - 07/07/01
TBG Commission Member : 07/07/01 - current

The U.S. West Region
TBG Commission
Highest Rating Achieved 17 SAS EF01 Gym Est. Oct 1997
Most Fights 82 Factory Showroom
Most Wins 45 For Science Most Losses 37 Factory Showroom
Most Regional
Title Wins
18 For Science Most Regional
Title Losses
12 For Science
Most KO's 30 Spider "I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down"
-- Chumbawamba
Most KO'd 19 TriangleMan
Longest Win Streak 17 Hypnotist Of Ladies Longest Loss Streak 6 ParticleMan
They Call Me Fred
UniverseMan III
Severe Tire Damage

Straw Fly Bantam Feather Light Welter Middle Light-Heavy Cruiser Heavy
Battling Barry UD12 Brooks `TWA` Bridges Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver TKO7 Shichi 32 Footsteps UD12 The Onkaparinga Kid Jerry Rice UD12 Marshall "Mini" Stack 32 Footsteps UD12 Bazooka Joe Ward Cleaver SD12 Coolio Iglesias Ward Cleaver UD12 Black Gatti2 Battling Barry KO12 Boss Lady Rocco Pastorini UD12 The St. Louis "RAMBO" Battling Barry KO11 Twelve to Zero Battling Barry UD12 Raul Diaz Arce Battling Barry KO1 Charles Fournier Battling Barry KO9 Axle Rockman Battling Barry KO12 Axle Rockman Battling Barry UD12 Buddy Banger 2 Battling Barry KO12 Axle Rockman Richard Steele UD12 Barry Goodnite 32 Footsteps UD12 Crunchy Loo They'll Need A Crane UD12 Buddy "Black Bullet" Caldwell They'll Need A Crane KO5 Halfman HalfAmazin' They'll Need A Crane UD12 Torrey "The Grim Reaper" Hudika They'll Need A Crane UD12 Secret Serviceman She's An Angel II UD12 Minoso Torres Ward Cleaver UD12 Coolio Iglesias Ward Cleaver KO11 Y2Frank Ward Cleaver UD12 The next Bantam Champion Richard Steele UD12 Sgt. Slugger Richard Steele KO6 The Deputy Richard Steele MD12 Hmmmmm...... Richard Steele UD12 Norman Rockwell SAS EF01 SD12 Harry "The Helpess" Richard Steele UD12 "The Helpess" Richard Steele UD12 Spud Richard Steele KO12 Bonecruncher 3 She's An Angel II UD12 Buddy Hall She's An Angel II UD12 Ricardo "Finito" Lopez She's An Angel II UD12 Pepe Le Phew She's An Angel II UD12 Backstreet Boy She's An Angel II UD12 BURRITOSTUD She's An Angel II UD12 Evan "Crazy Boy" Lyon She's An Angel II MD12 Bart de Graaf She's An Angel II UD12 The Real Prince Severe Tire Damage UD12 David Eckstein For Science UD12 San2_Nopaso_MonGanunya 32 Footsteps UD12 Biscuit-Boy Loo 32 Footsteps UD12 Biscuit-Boy Loo For Science UD12 Bantam Menace For Science MD12 Ray "The Lunatic" Liotta For Science MD12 Ace Rockman For Science UD12 Buddy Banger For Science KO12 Mr. AARON " THE HAWK" PRYOR For Science KO9 Thunder Gatti For Science KO9 Flying Freddy Falini The Jack Russell Terrier KO1 The real Frank White For Science UD12 The Next Flyweight Champion For Science UD12 ThugMan For Science KO8 The Deputy For Science KO9 ThugMan Severe Tire Damage UD12 Teresa `La Tigrita` Luna Severe Tire Damage UD12 Teresa `La Tigrita` Luna So Stretchy UD12 Kid Crocetti So Stretchy MD12 Dirk Rex So Stretchy UD12 Harantappaja So Stretchy UD12 Major Tom So Stretchy UD12 Major Tom So Stretchy UD12 Crackin Fools So Stretchy UD12 Mikey Lotch For Science UD12 Rico "Chico" Suave For Science UD12 Thrash Attack!! For Science UD12 Mr. JESSE JAMES "2 GUNS" LEIJA For Science KO2 Tommy "The Bull" Pederson For Science MD12 "VEGETA" Spider KO10 Black Gatti2 For Science UD12 Ali Landry My Evil Twin UD12 Roberto Duran.. Sleepybones UD12 War Emblem Sleepybones UD12 Woot Dog Sleepybones UD12 War Emblem Lazyhead KO11 Ibanez Iceman Lazyhead KO11 Crimson Death Lazyhead KO12 Oprah's Thong Pandora`s Box UD12 O.K. Corrales Dead Skunk UD12 Erkinwhine Dead Skunk KO10 Crocodile Hunter Dead Skunk KO1 Ike Tszyu Dead Skunk KO9 O.K. Corrales Dead Skunk UD12 O.K. Corrales Dead Skunk UD12 Battling Dominique Dead Skunk UD12 Battling Dominique Dead Skunk KO11 O.K. Corrales Dead Skunk TKO11 O.K. Corrales Dead Skunk UD12 Featherweight Phenom Dead Skunk KO11 Seymour Skinner Dead Skunk KO11 fromupmilli Dead Skunk UD12 99 year old man Pandora`s Box KO12 Kurtis Kaliber Pandora`s Box KO11 Vigiliante Walker Pandora`s Box KO8 Kurtis Kaliber Flood UD12 Rock Candy Ana Ng KO11 Rod Martin Ana Ng KO12 Leonard `Sonny` Gardner Ana Ng KO12 'Swinging' Tom Dooley UniverseMan III UD12 Gil `Soldier` Solis Stomp Box KO12 Chief Broom Ana Ng UD12 VINCE"STEEL FISTS"MEDINA Ana Ng KO12 Tank Abbott Birdhouse In Your Soul UD12 Kid Bic Dead Skunk TKO10 Jason "Phyton" Payton I Palindrome I UD12 Ernie `Mustang` Munger I Palindrome I KO10 ByungDal I Palindrome I KO11 `Hurricane` Rosie Lamar UniverseMan III KO12 Raoul `Doorbuster` Lamar UniverseMan III UD12 Sweetpea Doctor Worm KO9 Elliot Ness (Mafia) Midnight Oil KO12 Sir Lucious Right Foot Peter "Midnight Oil" UD12 A Diseased Yak UniverseMan KO10 Ivan Attitude Hypnotist Of Ladies UD12 Ashen-Shugar Hypnotist Of Ladies UD12 Bigger Gunns Hypnotist Of Ladies UD12 MR. GEORGE FORMAN Hypnotist Of Ladies MD12 LOU SAVAGEBEAST
Note: Multiple Regional Title losses were from purchased fighters; The Jack Russell Terrier (Peekaboo), The American Staffordshire Terrier (Peekaboo), STRETCH (JAKE221), and Battling James T. Kirk (Battling Boxers, Inc.). All Regional Title wins in the gym record were earned by fighters while under the control of Stretch Armstrong, with the sole exception of oft gym traded Battling Dominique used for opponent fight plan analysis. The table above reflects only title fights fought by a fighter while under Stretch Armstrong's control.

World Cruiserweight Champion Dr. Drew is from the gym of the notorious manager Mace, and has never fought under the banner of Stretch Armstrong's gym.

Total number of different fighters that have become regional champions under Stretch's tutelage: 31
(Last Updated: 26 March 2004)
From 32 Purchased Fighters: (So subtract this from my current record to get my real stats)
Purchased Record: 286-163-10 (128/80) (not accurate at all, as of 12/18/2001)
Purchased Regional Championship Record: 4-9-1 (3/4)
Purchased Championship Record: 1-1-0 (1/0)