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Babu Bhat

Babu Bhat stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and reportedly weighs 126lbs. He is currently registered in the Super-Featherweight division. He fights for U.S. East and is managed by 1 + 1 (BOT Gym 3)

has has a rating of 12, a status of 17 and record of 31-14-2 (9/8) and is currently M .  His record in world title fights is 6-4-0 (1/2)

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Fighter Description

World Welterweight Champion: February 20, 2008
Second reign: March 19, 2008

Babu Bhat used to own a restaurant opposite Jerry Seinfeld's appartment.

BABU: I owned a restaurant. Seinfeld told me to change the menu to Pakistani, but nobody came. There were no people.
D.A.: And then what happened?
BABU: Then he got me an apartment in his building, but they mixed up the mail, and I never got my immigration renewal papers, so they deported me. It's all his fault! Him! And the woman! But they did not care. They're totally indifferent. All they do is mock me, just like they did the fat fellow. All the time, mocking, mocking, mocking, mocking, mocking. All the time. But now it is Babu's turn to mock. Finally, I will have some justice. Send them away! Send them all away. Lock them up forever! They're not human. (Starts moving his finger from side to side, in a "no, no!" gesture) They're very bad. Very, very, very bad.

Babu in 'the Finale'